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XIII Years Of B64
Today b64 marks its 13th birthday! Thirteen years since we've founded the clan back in SA-MP, we are still alive and well, imposing law and order throughout Red Dead Online! We had seen generations of players come and go throughout different games and platforms, and while I can't say that time hasn't gradually taken a toll on us, it is to be noted that nobody but b64 can do it this good! As soon as Red Dead Online was announced, we rallied up after years of inactivity, got the game going and took it to the streets (and mountains, and swamps, and deserts!) and started flooding the winning sheets like we did back in the old days!

We'd like to congratulate all of our amazing members that just about everybody else looks up to, including our past legends but also our new Red Dead gunslingers. Also, big credit goes to Rockstar Games for producing RDR2 together with its online platform, hence triggering the return of b64 into the competitive waters. It's been about half a year and we have been really putting it on everybody that stepped into Gun Rush. We have also gotten some cool associates and friends that have joined our posse and are helping us do what we do best.
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