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SF3 tournament announced for August!
We are coming with the official news from the arcade: Boulevard 64 will organize a big tournament in August due to its 5th birthday! The main event will be Street Fighter III tournament, that will gather 32 players in the finals and possibly 64 players in total. Like the previous year, B64 is planning to bring some well known faces to make the event more entertaining and popular. The arcade will allow the tournament to be tracked like vie Stream, but the details are not specified. It is known that there will be also organized minor events, such as the tournaments in SFA3, Street Hoop and CueClub. Two more games will be included but they remain unknown for now!

These news are confirmed by Boulevard 64 arcade. It is also confirmed that any recording will be forbidden, so probably only the registered arcade users will be allowed to track the events through Stream.

There are rumors that the tournament budget will be huge this year and that the top Japanese pro player will be invited (Daigo Umehara), but they will most likely not happen.
However, Hustler confirmed that at least one big name will be brought, just like the previous year.
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13 astro   [Entry]
thanks guys. i am surely compete then cool

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12 bizzmark   [Entry]
who will you call?

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9 Pepe   [Entry]
Any sooner tournaments?

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10 [b64]Enginer   [Entry]
Yes, regular Street Hoop tournament will be organized next or for 2 weeks.

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8 Tole   [Entry]
will street hoop be organized next week?
Answer: Yes.

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6 astro   [Entry]
hello. i am sad if the online participating will be disabled. i am regular competitor on b64 events.

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7 [b64]Combo   [Entry]
Yes, you are known of Street Hoop. It will not be enabled ONLY at Street Fighter III. You will of course be able to compete online at Street Hoop, CueClub etc. smile

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3 Dober518   [Entry]
Big names? Didn't Juggernaut wipe out one big name last time? surprised

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5 IRaniaN   [Entry]
Yes, it was profi player Eugene Matis. He wont come because he is already invited to some French or British pro tournament.

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2 Cubex   [Entry]
Will it be possible to play online like on Street Hoop last time?

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4 IRaniaN   [Entry]
No, but we will try to supply your coming smile

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11 Cubex   [Entry]
Thanks, I wll do my best to come biggrin

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1 Mug   [Entry]
1st comment! Call Daigo and you will launch your popularity to the heavens!

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