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San Andreas Legacy: Part III
After long period of absence, we are happy to present the third episode of SA-MP Legacy series. The objective of this serial is to gather the old GTA multiplayer players and friends of the clan, who will recall the good old days and give out their own views on SA-MP history and the role they had there, and also share their own stories and experiences that we might didn't know about until now. It has been almost 3 years since the last episode was published, but 2019 has brought us newfound activity so here we are. The first guest of 2019 was one of the very founders of Boulevard 64 and its longtime leader, [b64]Milos.

What were your SA-MP beginnings and how was b64 formed?

I was originally tempted by the idea of playing MTA which was the main GTA Multiplayer mod at the time. At the time SA-MP was being developed and tested publicly, I decided to give it a try as it looked more promising than other mods that were being developed at the time. I teamed up with EnGiNeR and Dr.Lu who I knew already, and who unlike me had extensive MTA experience, so we started doing our own thing on a server called Battle of Los Santos. There we decided to form our own clan and so b64 was founded.
I don't remember who came up with number 64, but we were debating whether it was to be called Street 64, 64th St, or just 64'ers. Boulevard 64 was my idea, we quickly agreed that it was the coolest and we went along with it.

Which public servers did you enjoy playing the most?

First it was Battle of LS as it was the original server we were playing on. It was before we started running our own server so we used to play it nearly 24/7. That server was the core of SA-MP's Dutch community and therefore most of our members at the time were from the Netherlands. We also used to bump other servers at the time such as LS Gang Wars hosted by [BK]BlooD, which was later reformed and became GTA Violent Life. We sometimes had fun times at [W]'s Turf Wars and Partyserver too, but by that time most of us were mainly into b64's own servers.

Could you describe b64's rise on the competitive scene?

I'd say that the competitive scene was brought to SA-MP by the old MTA clans that switched to SA-MP and in some cases played a part in its development. One of those was the XII clan which hosted the Battle of LS server that we were playing on. They also scripted the gamemode called "SA-MP League" which became the first mode for clan wars and such competitions. We were originally playing on it, but as soon as we started thinking about hosing our own private server, we started developing our own mode based on SA-MP League like some other clans did at the time. That gave us an edge over many clans that were starting to get into clan matches and over time we kept building and improving our team as well as our knowledge of the game.

Which clan wars were the most difficult for you?

It's been so long, but I definitely remember our wars against HoT. They were the first team to defeat us and I remember that match being very tough for us. We won the first round as attackers in Area 69 and then lost almost all of the remaining rounds. Another one was against Turkish clan TC, where we restarted the final round that we were winning and ended up losing 4-3. We also had a few very close victories such as one against XII, and a third or 4th match with HoT, both of which were decided in the final arena round.

What caused b64 to leave SA-MP?

We had spend three years playing it so over time it was becoming less and less interesting. I think that many other clans either became inactive or quit SA-MP altogether as well around 2009. We were already focused on other games such as FlatOut series at the time and as all of our servers were losing on the players, the decision was made that we'd retire from SA-MP as a clan as soon as our servers' hosting expired. Also, 2G and I wanted to avoid anyone "reopening" b64 in SA-MP as we had seen happen to some of the teams we knew.

What are your plans regarding Red Dead Redemption 2?

We are currently active on Red Dead Online. It's still in beta and according to Rockstar it's going to stay that way for a few months before they go live with it as they did with GTA Online. It's a very promising platform so we will see what happens. We are much older now though so I doubt that our activity or dedication will ever be on the level it was during SA-MP, but it's definitely the game that is keeping us active for now.
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21 RUE   [Entry]
After seeing Maestro's vid I'd rather install samp and download random torrents while playing to feel better about myself.

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19 [b64]Maestro   [Entry]
Anyone got Red Dead, see you ingame cool

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18 lay   [Entry]
Hi guys you are still alive biggrin

Nice interview Milos

16 [b64]Enginer   [Entry]
Cool interview Milos cool

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20 Absynthe   [Entry]
where you been 2G?

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22 [b64]TonY   [Entry]
i dont think i ever seen him ingame for the last 5 years lol

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11 [BK]Rowdy   [Entry]
noyce tongue

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12 RUE   [Entry]
Yo everyone, don't fear. Rowdy is here
He's rusty and old, so we are told
He is way past his best, and has a hairy chest
Big mustache he has, that's what everyone says
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If you insist, here you can click... only if you are a fat chick!

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Fague stop sharing one private pics to an online community you little cunt!

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I am not a fat chick, but can I click?

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15 RUE   [Entry]
You will like it not, but fat chicks find him hot

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We should be really charging for those cool

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10 cenaze   [Entry]
hello bois

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8 Sonny   [Entry]
woow nice, good text, legendary [b64]Milos! You needed to ask him about his top 10 lists etc smile

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7 [b64]Juggy   [Entry]
Nice one smile

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5 [BK]007   [Entry]
Good article. BK Gangwar/Turfwar days were the shit cool

6 [b64]Toxic   [Entry]
Good old insult wars cool

3 [b64]Toxic   [Entry]
Good read.

I never knew that Luka was about to give us a crappy [64th] name. Good that he was stopped cool

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4 RUE   [Entry]
That would have indeed been a problem. Would have been a worse name than 'Blood or Die', truly terrible. What a such a small difference can do.

9 [b64]Lu   [Entry]
Rep -
Stop making shit up lmao  lol

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