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Red Dead Online Summary
It has been a little over 12 months since Rockstar lanuched its online adaptation of RDR2, so naturally, we are here to sum things up and draw some conclusions. As far as b64 goes, we've had fun playing the game and trying to be one of the carriers of Red Dead Online's competitive scene for the better part of these 12 months, especially during the "Beta" days. Our posse was set up about this time in December last year, and we've gone so far in our intentions that we recruited fresh blood into the clan (for the first time in almost a decade!), set up a clan war roster and got straight into the business. It was clear from the day one that Rockstar was fancying micro-transactions and the RP aspect of the game so much that the TDM, Gun Rush and other competitive modes updates were underwhelming, but nevertheless we had gone 6 hard months of competitive deathmatch, week in and week out.
However, doing the same thing over and over again without seeing significant gameplay innovation doesn't help anyone keeping the same competitive desire as we all had in the beginning, hence our gradual drop in activity is no surprise. We simply got bored of the very same (and btw flawed) gameplay that didn't significantly change since the game came out, and Rockstar's lack of creativity and constant ignorance of our suggestions is not something that helps either. After each update, we used to send feedback and suggestions on how to improve the competitiveness of the game, asking Rockstar to add very simple options that would've enabled teams to have proper clan wars, ladders and rankings, only to be largely ignored by the roleplay and story-oriented R* staff.
As the result, we currently have a dying competitive scene in Red Dead Online (at least as far as PS4 platform is concerned) and with Rockstar's priorities seemingly being elsewhere, it's hard to see the situation improving. Most of the big name players and their teams from the original "Beta" days are long inactive now, and our own activity is very low-key and scattered down to individual level.
You may not see Boulevard 64 storming through the TDM ladders these days, but some of our members did establish their own off-shoot posses so you still better check in because the streets are not safe as you may think! ;)
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