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Preparation For PlayStation 5
Rumors have been floating around for quite some time now and it appears that PlayStation 5 will hit the stores in November this year. It's no secret that we've always seen our future tied to Sony's next gen console, and now the time has come to announce that plans and preparations for b64's move into PS5 platform are set in motion and underway. Our intention is to get all set and ready to be the first clan to enter the PlayStation 5 world once the highly anticipated console gets released.

Considering the fact that GTA 6 won't be among the first games to come to PS5, we are still yet to decide which game will be our primary base. Our long history and tradition of playing Rockstar Games' titles will certainly continue to a certain degree (whether it continues through Red Dead Online or we give GTA Online another chance) and will eventually carry into the next Grand Theft Auto, but the base of our main presence is still yet to be determined and is something that we will announce when the time comes.

Considering how successful our first Red Dead Online season (2018/19) was, we will be looking to do something similar this coming winter on PS5. Boulevard 64 was continuously #1 on the Gun Rush ranking sheets throughout the first half of 2019 and overall went undefeated in posse wars at the height of Red Dead's competitive scene.

Our roster is to undergo certain changes, as some of our longtime members (Toxic, Tony and Gucci) will no longer be active competitively. No doubt legendary players, among the greatest to ever do it, they will enjoy their well deserved retirement.

This course of events will bring us to the inevitability of need for the new muscle (just like when we had moved to Red Dead, which resulted in b64 opening the recruitment for the first time in 10 years), therefore we will be likely to add new blood and blend it into our veteran squad.

More news and updates are to follow soon, so make sure to stay tuned and keep track of our Twitter feed.
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