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There haven't been many posts here recently so it's time to refresh this space and sum everything that recently happened. Since January we had 3 clan wars, and won 3 big victories. First was against [KGX] team which we won by big margin. A lot of you new players here don't know them but it's EvoLutioN's old clan so you better take our word for it! Next up we faced [HTB] which we beat down 50 to 7. Last but not least, b64 beat [NO] once again winning all of the rounds. The score here was 61:5 to b64.

So that's it pretty much. I wanted us to fight [TDH] too but they are kinda dead, so we will probably go on and make a post on SA:MP forums to challenge everyone. There are a few clans over there that I'd like to see us fight.

Other than wars, we had very cool server updates recently and there will be more of them coming up. I fixed bugs with scoring system and also changed some of the arenas. As you have noticed (unless you really ignored coming on for the past 2 months) we have a fixed scoreboard that shows precise and overall results after each round.

The script is constantly being updated and there will be some major changes once SA:MP 0.2 comes out, so make sure you save our IP and come play with us.
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