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Muscle Bomber Duo - 20th Birthday
It has been 20 years since this amazing wrestling game hit the arcades back in 1993. It was an updated version of the original Muscle Bomber (also known as Slam Masters in the United States) that focused solely on two-on-two Team Battle mode. Unlike its prequel and sequel, this was the only game to retain the name "Muscle Bomber" for its international releases. Sadly, it was also the last version based in its unique wrestling system rather than a traditional fighting game format. The Muscle Bomber series seems to be abandoned since its last release back in '94, so here is a shoutout to what once was our favorite wrestling game.

One day, after the undefeated champion Victor Ortega suddenly vanished, the best wrestlers from all around the world gathered to participate the world tour and determine who is the best.
The story focuses on a team called Hyper Cannon, consisted of the game's protagonist Alexey Zalazolf and his teammate Lucky Colt. Once the reigning champion Ortega disappeared, an underground organization called BWA (Blood Wrestling Association) organized the world tour in order to gain supremacy.
One of the most well known figures in the fighting world, Mike Haggar, also made his appearance together with Australian wrestler called Sheep in a team called Knuckle Busters.
The other participating teams were Exotic Warriors, consisting of a beast-like wrestler Gomes and Mysterious Budo from Japan; and Deadly Brothers, a team of a tall Englishman called Titan and a Mexican wrestler known as El Stinger.
After a whole season of battles all around the world, Zalazolf led his team to many victories and Hyper Cannons eventually advanced to the final stage of the tour. It was the time to face the tour organizer, Zalazolf's rival and the leader of Blood Wrestling Association himself, known as The Astro. His team was called Silent Assassins and included a former bouncer called Kimala.
After a tough battle, Hyper Cannons eventually defeated Astro's team and won the tour, becoming the Capcom Wrestling Association's tag team champions. That turned out to be just a beginning, as the great champion Victor Ortega would soon suddenly return just the way he disappeared. CWA and BWA would soon meet again to determine which organization will gain the ultimate supremacy...


Muscle Bomber - The Body Explosion
Muscle Bomber Duo - Heat Up Warriors
Super Muscle Bomber - The International Blowout


Muscle Bomber

Here is a Muscle Bomber Duo longplay published by cubex55.

Credits to ScHlAuChi for playing.

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