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LRO Quotes: SAMP Legends VIII
This is the eighth episode of "SAMP Legends" quotes serial that is being presented on Live Radio Online. Each episode talks about something different connected to SAMP, gathering thoughts and opinions from the different people about the similar things and much more! Regarding Combo's upcoming SAMP tourney, we decided to continue where we stopped last year.  The serial has been very successful so far, so we have decided to continue doing this until December. Our guests for the second episode this year were HotHoe, one of the leaders of the legendary RBK gang, and Jonas, member of uGp.


When did you started playing SAMP and how did you create RBK?

I originally started MTA in 2006 but it was already abandoned. When SAMP came out I started playing it together with Madk1llA on Hoodlums server. We teamed up with Toreno and started RBK there, but quickly moved to BK Gangwars and started recruiting people from there.

Which servers did you like to play on the most?

At start I preferred BK because it was the most competitive. Later we would try ourselves on SF TDM, Partyserver, LW and many others. I guess the favorite one was BK and later Violent Life as we were familiar with most of the players there.

Could you compare the competition on official and unofficial servers during 2006/07?


It was always depending on a situation. Regularly it was tougher to play BK (VL) server because the bugs were allowed there, so there were less noobs. LVP could also put us on a test sometimes but we were often banned from the official servers because we used bugs.
Our rivals were mainly located on BK and SFTDM so we preferred playing there.

clans were your toughest opponents?


Our biggest rivals at the time were [b64]. We were mostly fighting them and it was always tough, I'm sure we gave them a hard time too. [BK] were also hard to take on as well as Omega.

Will you ever come back to SAMP or maybe try another GTA?


Maybe I will try the new GTA when it gets released, but I'll certainly not play San Andreas again.

Did the community change since 2011? What's different and what remained the same?

I have to admit in some way it changed, new players came up from the unknown, new clans were created. ESL is out there. But about people's mentality, well it didn't change that much. There are still a lot of haters, trolls, drama queens etc etc.

What do you think about ESL? Does it really detect every attempt of cheating?

That's a pertinent question. ESL itself seems to be accurate but when it comes to SA:MP, some players have been getting banned for ESL Wire (anti cheat) mistakes and some others manage to bypass the AC. Those who try to be "smartass" don't close the AC session and that way, they cant get caught. As you know SA:MP is a game easily manipulated and modded. There are millions way to cheat or to play unfair and ESL isn't ready yet (hopefully it will).

It requires a 100% default game (only ESL official sniper crossair allowed) which is fair, indeed. What isnt fair is that there are still a lot of people who is playing with a modded game (which isn't allowed).
About the tournament, cups, events, well, thats a positive thing to point out. You can play "Versus" alone or with a party, similar to other games, which is good because clanless player will have the chance to play TCW's. There are also Ladders, this is a more serious way. All the Ladder matches count as CW's so the matches are more competitive. There is also a Nations Cup which gathers players from some nations to play in some sort of World Cup. All of these things are considered as positive aspects. Negative ones were mentioned in the first periods.

Which servers were the most challenging last year and which are now?


Last year [U]nited clan server were, the favorite ones to play fun A/D bases. Nowdays uL server is like an "hotspot", always full of people playing A/D and also a lot of admins online.

About DM/ TDM, San Fierro Rumble (SFR) has a new wave of players who are giving the server's a good reputation and even during the night (until the next day) there is an average of 20-30 people, needless to say, that number increases during the way (talking about GMT 0). Novocaine server is still opened, although, its not what it once was. There are still some SAE and MOB members playing there, but the amount of players it kinda low. PartyServer has always been with over 100 people, and its still a fun server to play when you are bored. Las Venturas Playground isn't what it was in time as well, and the amount of players have been decreasing during the years.

Your personal thoughts about these clans: SAE, MOB, uL, PTM, KFC

SAE - They were a top clan back in the days. A big amount of the current uL players were in SAE before and it was already been proved their value. Mature People, good English knowledge and good atmosphere among the members.
KFC - They were good scripters/coders ... and there are a lot of videos of them modifying weapon.dat ped.ifp and a lot more back in the day. Didn't get so much close to them but my opinion is that they were a bit selfish, sorry if I'm mistaken.
uL - Definitely the best clan out there. Mature players, perfect teamwork, good English speakers awesomely skilled. The fact that the most part of the main line up lives in UK makes the job easier to communicate even though if that wasn't true they would go over it anyway. Most of them play together for ages and they know each other very well. They were always called cheaters but they always proved it wrong by frapsing their games often. They study every move and have a lot of tactics and intelligent players. If they are in their best shape then none can beat them.
PTM - Started as Portuguese clan.  They had they era in the past and they were one of the top clans. Were also often sometimes accused of cheating but they always could prove the videos were wrong. Their leader has a lot of knowledge and experience in this game and its certainly a good player for every team. Nowadays i can say they are slowly dying. All the foreign members left, and some Portuguese members too. Sadly to see that happening, they still have 4-5 members. Lets see if they turn the table and get back in the top.
MOB - Great clan, always liked them a lot. They were the best clan some years ago, but some players decided to leave SA:MP and move to another games. They still play NoV server sometimes but  they will always be reminded as a top clan. Very organized with loyal and mature members. They kinda changed the way A/D was played to a better one, using a lot of m4 and new tactics.

Could you name the top 10 current clans?

uL: Best clan, no doubts, never lost a CW so far. Great activity skills and teamwork (already talked about uL previously)

TeK: They have been playing good and deserve the second place (even though it can change). Leaded by Waqqi, mature guy, skilled and good leader. They have some skilled players and good teamwork.

uGp : We fell down with some incidents and stuff, some good members left and some other are inactive. We still kick asses and as soon as we get on our best shape we easily can get the 2nd place. Experience players and good teamwork. Important to say some of the best players have been in uGp before.

MrS: I took my time to decide this one. They were always a good clan, the best of Brazil in my opinion, they are strong as they play for 5 years or more together and speak all the same language.

vG: They are back after a break. Good clan, good communication. The former leader is now in uL and they are trying to get back in shape. So far they are only Spanish speakers clan.

H2K: Italian clan, they are new as a clan but experienced players. They have good communication and know each other quite well. I rated them 6 but they cant be underestimated.

HsC: Clan formed by some of old MOB members such as TheCriminal, Aloudi, Obama and some old members, they are really a new clan and they  are gathering people to be stronger. Some of them play together for sometime and have decent teamwork. If they are in good shape they can be a threat to top clans.

KV: Pretty much new clan. Created by Brazilian people, but quickly opened doors to foreign players. They have still a bad communication between all of them, but the Brazilian members know each other since some previous clans. Due to their lag they become in part a challenge to some top clans.

[U]: Their gold era is gone. They are trying to rebuild the clan after some important members leaving, it might take time but that's why i rate them in 9th place. They got some good skilled Mexicans but they aren't enough to play for the whole team.

PTM: Also took some time to decide, there are a lot of clans that may take this place. They are going through a bad moment but they still have some members that can make the difference. If they get back in shape they can easily get to top 5 but I'm afraid it wont happen anytime soon. Good communication.

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51 NONE   [Entry]

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50 NONE   [Entry]
you say that because he mentioned uL as first lmfao. Bad ranking from 2010 player.

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47 Darius   [Entry]
nice interview, suprised by your answers jonas. changed my opinion on you smile

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45 Caesey   [Entry]
good text smile

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43 NONE   [Entry]

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42 Aeroplano   [Entry]
uL - If they are in their best shape then none can beat them.

You bring RBK and b64 back and there you go biggrin

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46 Darius   [Entry]
We are waiting wink

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49 Aeroplano   [Entry]
I think that 'challenge' forum is open smile

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40 [BK]Puerto   [Entry]
ye look styla is back

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41 Absynthe   [Entry]
yeah, so? all i remember was you starting a flame war with him back in the day and he is showing more knowledge that you anyway. with all the respect for old skool BK (which you are not as you joined in newfag era) you're a complete scumbag that will hopefully disappear from these froums as soon as possible. and stop stalking others

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44 [BK]Puerto   [Entry]
wtf now. show some love man

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39 Zany   [Entry]
good text. gg wink

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38 IRaniaN   [Entry]
I pretty much agree NONE's text more than Jonas' one. Although that uL stuff is really questionable. What we know for sure is that Scream was cheating when he was in uL.

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37 NONE   [Entry]
Commenting on his "top clans":
uL - They pretty much lost their reputation by cheating and nobody can be sure if they're really that skilled without their cheats (They lost to SAE and when I was dueling Jakez before his uL times on some tournament, I pretty much dominated him because he was so easy to hit)

TeK - Definitely one of the best atm but they might be missing some tactics from time to time.

uGp - After them refusing all the AC/ESL clan wars they're no where near lol.

MrS - It's questionable because in the old days they didn't use any modifications and they were not in top 5. But hey, they can prove it in ESL brazilian cup.

vG - Never top 10, they only rely on cheats tbh. On ESL with their main squad (fun cup) they lost in like second round and I've played for a fun team and we won them. And recently many busted videos have been uploaded

H2K - I had a tcw with them and their tactics are not as good as you'd say, hopefully they got more to show because I haven't seen any massive achievement from them. They have loyal members and surely that will pay off.

HsC - Was applicant to that clan before I closed my app, bad teamwork and I don't know what he saw in then. Just because ugp lost a tcw versus them?

KV - new good clan but they're not in top 10, my ex applicant for my clan is in there so I can tell what they're missing

[U] - They were really good when they had members such as Damagedz, 93, 062, siim but too bad there were so many cheaters around these times. Now they're pretty much inactive and I feel sorry that they couldn't show more, it's SA-MP what can you say.

[PTM] - Last one in the top 10? That's bollocks. They're more skilled than uGp in my opinion but they lost a few good members. I hope they recover well because it's up to Al Pacino and his activity.

That's my side. biggrin

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