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LRO Quotes: SAMP Legends IX
This is the ninth and the final episode of "SAMP Legends" quotes serial that is being presented on Live Radio Online. Each episode talks about something different connected to SAMP, gathering thoughts and opinions from the different people about the similar things and much more! The serial has been very successful and now it all came down to this episode. During the two years of the serial, we have interviewed so many great players of SAMP, but we can probably say that we have saved the best for the last! Guest for the final episode will be Boulevard 64's founder and one of the best players ever in SAMP, [b64]Enginer a.k.a. 2Good4You!

How did you start with SAMP?

I was still playing MTA:VC at the time I heard of SA-MP beta tests. I had recently left [VCIM] and after trying out SA-MP a few times I thought it was awful, being heavily desynced and everything. Few weeks later I gave it another shot, and while almost none of the bugs were fixed, its community got significantly bigger (like 10x since my previous visits). I (EnGiNeR49 at the time) started playing Majestic Twelve server together with Hoodlum, Milos[14], DrLu and =EB=Whitelight. As [XII] didn't accept non-Dutch players and I didn't want to join [H] or =EB=, I started [b64] together with Milos and Lu, and quickly started recruiting players at XII server.

Could you describe the early SAMP scene on the servers you played?

At the time we were mostly playing XII server. We were usually fighting =EB=, who were at the time the second biggest gang on the server (after XII) and we started teaming up with other players such as HUSTLER, vlaxXx, PureBone_, Toxic, etc, all of whom we recruited into b64.
There were other servers such as littlewhitey's, Partyserver and Novocaine with growing communities, some of which we occasionally played from time to time.
In 2006 we were also active on an unofficial-listed server called Gang Wars. It was owned by BK which I knew from VCIM days in MTA, so I brought b64 there and we took on pretty much everybody. Those were good times.

How did you come up with name [b64]2Good4You?

It's just a nickname I was using while playing on GTA Violent Life. Later I started using it on all other servers until I finished with SA-MP.

Which players were your most difficult opponents?

It's hard to say because it was so long ago and most of the names I can't remember anymore. There were some pretty good players at LW's back in the day.

It's hard to say as we really played versus so many clans and I didn't attend most of the matches, I actually can't remember most of them. From my personal experiences, I recall our match against XII where we had a really hard time. I'd also mention our second match versus HoT, we underestimated them because we had won the first match easily and we lost the rematch. There were probably a few more difficult clan wars which I can't remember.

Which were your toughest clan wars?

We had many clan wars that were far from easy. The toughest victory was perhaps against XII back in 0.1b. We went kill-for-kill for most of the cw and ended up barely winning 3-2.
Another tough war was rematch against HoT, which we lost.

Many regard b64 as of SA-MP greatest clans. What do you think of your legacy?

I'm proud of that and of course I had a lot of fun during my time in the game.

Are you planning to return to some future GTA?

That depends on the game but personally I'm not sure.
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24 zofi   [Entry]
nice acticle

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22 Zany   [Entry]
nice article smile

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20 InQ   [Entry]
Pure legend cool

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19 [BK]Puerto   [Entry]
good article bro cool

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17 Cyrus   [Entry]
Well done Fisher smile

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13 Kvanza   [Entry]
Great text guys. Congrats Fish smile

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12 RKrooL   [Entry]
b64 v SnB was a tough match is some1 remembers it

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14 Kvanza   [Entry]
I just noticed that you played on SNB side so that's probably why you say it was tough. Click here, you had lost 8-2 wink

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15 Absynthe   [Entry]
yep i played there too and if you had any clue what you just said you'd know that it was the kills that mattered back then and not rounds. the clan was a total failure and lasted for 1 month or so, but it had a good squad and gave b64 the hardest time since turfwars days.

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16 TM^   [Entry]
Played in that cw too cool

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18 Cyrus   [Entry]
Actually XII vs b64 was the best match I know of. There wasn't as much hype but it turned out to be b64's hardest match. Was 3-2 or something.

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23 Michael   [Entry]
that's where enginer pulled it off like in the most of cws tongue

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11 Stranger   [Entry]
Nice interview, although it's the shortest one so far.

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10 [BK]SAND   [Entry]
too bad they won't come back on gta 5

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9 Michael   [Entry]
good job fish tongue 2G legend

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