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LRO Quotes: SAMP Legends II
Live Radio Online: SAMP Legends - Part 2

This is the second episode of "SAMP Legends" quotes serial that is being presented on Live Radio Online. Each episode will talk about something different connected to SAMP, as a reminder of the great periods of b64's history. Episodes were supposed to be presented every second week, but we simply don't have enough free time, so there wont be specific dates when the new episodes would come out.. In the first episode, the LRO guests were [cH] clan leaders Zofija and FrozeN, and the former player InQ. This time, there is [BB] member MozZ talking about the just finished SAMP tournament that BB won and the present SAMP time, while another guests in well known article maker Rowdy.

Fisher asks about the expectations:
Did you expect to win the final match?

We were confident in ourselves that we were capable of beating OnB, so the answer is yes, we were expecting to win the match. I expected OnB or cH to make it to the finals.

MozZ about comparing this with previous tournaments:
Well I wasn't witness of the last 2 but they were in a different period of time where the general play differed from how it is now. Like now things are more tactical then they were before. I myself have seen this progress as my years in samp grew.

MozZ about the clans selection for the tournament:
Well the selection of clans was fair, but there are also a few other clans that should've been included, clans such as uGp or [U]. They have had their success recently.
Well with the selection of clans that Combo invited, it was much better rather then inviting the others as like I mentioned before drama would have arisen.
The top clans these days don't care just about being top they want to foil respect for the other clans and that is what is causing the SAMP community to fall out.

MozZ's 5 most respected clans in the community today:
My top 5 excluding BB are:
1. uL
2. uGp
3. GRX
4. [U]
5. cH

Fisher about the clans disrespecting each other:
So it is just better to reject the match instead of risking losing and then being disrespected?

Yes it is, it sort of related to todays match.
You can say the "real OnB" was revealed today after the match. They are now referring to us as an "easy unfair clan" even though they lost. We have played vs OnB multiple times in tcws and won every one of them, and every time they blame just the server for its "bugs and stuff".
We used to respect OnB, but after their performance today, the respect has perished along with their defeat
I mean it doesn't hurt to say good match does it. But they just can't bear with loss.
The samp community before, was way better then the current one. If you had lost, yes you would lose respect but respect could easily be gained back. These days people find it funny exposing their "enemies" real life over a game. And I can say that the samp community isn't getting any better.

MozZ's list of best 10 clans of the current SAMP aka "New top 10":
1. [BB] - Yeah it may not be a surprise that im choosing my own clan , but i can see my future here for the year ive been here and not once have i come across a clan that has respect like we do here, its more like a family not even just a clan.

2. [cH] - I have a lot of respect for cH as they have developed really well and maintained their respect throughout the years, I hope this continues.

3. U - This clan has progressed well in promoting their events and championships while they also have a pretty decent squad, their skill is also good but not only weapon skill they also do scripting and stuff.

4. uL - They are a sort of new clan compared to others but they are pretty skilled, they have not lost a single clan war yet but reputation wise people think they "cheat" due to their records.

5. uGp - I myself have seen this clan grow, and the leader is an old friend of mine he has done good promoting his clan and on a skill level they are pretty strong they have their haters though just like any other clan.

6. MOB - Recently mob hasn't been that active in samp only a few members but you can't forget their past, they are known to be pretty strong due to when they used to play and they are a pretty nice bunch to hang around with.

7. TeK - TeK is a pretty strong clan and their skill I would say is pretty good too, they have been rolling for a few years now and have made a name for themselves.

8. Homies - H this clan is a Czech clan but their use of tactics and communication does impress me, they are the sort of clan that will take a loss and get over it not whine about it for years, they know how to play a game.

9. OnB - I used to have a lot of respect for OnB but recently it shows that they can't seem to take a loss or control themselves in a match, their skill is pretty good considering they got to the finals smoothly but it was an unfortunate end for them.

10. ABK - I've seen this clan develop as well, they are pretty good when it comes to multigaming and hanging around with them you probably wont get bored they are the sort of clan that will play the game for fun.

MozZ's few best clans in SAMP history:
NB, MOB, BB, b64, cH, that is not in order!

Rowdy compares b64 tournaments from 2007, 2009 and 2011:
I am not familiar with this tournament, but the first one was clearly the best. The clans were also rivals but never took it as serious as today. In the old times everyone knew everyone and it was epic to bring Omega, b64, BK, RBK and BES in one tournament. The best gangs from Violent Life server and known rivals. The first tourney was awesome. 2009's brought probably some better clans in term of skill like xHoTx and NB, but it was not running weapons and it was already serious. If b64 played who knows what would happen. 2011's is death serious as I heard. Don't even bother trying to organize next tourney in 2 years, they will literally kill each other!

The tournament report can be viewed here:
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20 Taylor   [Entry]
lol I only recognize 3 clans from your list. either you are a new samp player, which would explain the top list picks, or you were stuck in 1 server all of your samp life ( I would guess LVP ) where are the damn legends of samp?

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21 InQ   [Entry]

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19 VODKA   [Entry]
good article smile

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18 InQ   [Entry]
@d0rr1s You are pretty wrong about that one. Omega was not a real clan, it were players from other clans that played undercover

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17 d0rr1s   [Entry]
Col i dunno why are you classing RbK so high, probably cuz most of them were VL admins. but they got owned by unknown clans such as Omega lol

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16 Col   [Entry]
This is very interesting article. I like Fish and his idea that is still actual after many years. Back on VL Fisher would also make so "hypothetical matchups" which of course brought many haters on RBK account. Not only in terms of skill, RBK is surely the most notable clan that played VL and the whole server drama was kinda rotating around them. Of course BK and b64 around but they always stayed by side and weren't much involved in everything that happened in the community. When it comes to the rest of SAMP I would mention NB and of course SAW, the clan which won SAMP:CL and was clearly the most skilled in whole samp during late 2008/early 2009.
My top 5 of all time would be: NB, SAW, b64, KFC, RBK - in that exact order cool

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15 Lucifer   [Entry]
@Puerto RBK had the biggest mouth in whole samp if we exclude the one and only [W]Hoeligan. when it comes to runnies RBK could do something but in ww they were shit. same goes for BK ^^

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14 [BK]Puerto   [Entry]
hi mozz where is BK, where is KFC where is xHoTx
even RBK was more dominant during their time dan ch, bb, mob

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13 mHooD   [Entry]
ONB now seem to be some wannabe respected clan. good article Fisher

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12 F!5T3   [Entry]
good article, enjoyed reading it. i would like to point some things.
@best clans in history, i have to admit that the list is silly. xhotx is better than any clan from that list and also you didnt add [SAW] and KFC. it should be like this: xHoTx KFC NB B64 SAW

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11 Trip[ABK]   [Entry]

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