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Live Radio Online with [b64]ManOwar
After a while, we are back with some refreshment in the news feed. One of Boulevard 64's key members, Yuri, aka ManOwar, was keen to meet up with a big friend of ours, Live Radio Online host Fisher, and dish out an interesting talk. As the first hand experience teaches us, whenever there aren't much news to fill the columns, it's safe to get in touch with LRO and come up with something to talk about. It was no different this time, as ManOwar was happy to share his thoughts with Fisher on various topics.

First of all, since you are known as both ManOwar and Toxic, which nickname do you prefer?

ManOwar was my Age of Mythology username back on ESO tournaments in early 2000s. Here most people call me Toxic because that was my original username in SA-MP and when I joined B64, I was [b64]Toxic. I have no preference, although most people just call me either Yuri [real name] or Toxic.

Boulevard 64 has reached its 9th birthday recently. What are your best memories?

I've had great times with B64, especially in San Andreas Multiplayer. We were the best clan back in the day and everyone wanted to beat us. Some of them would be so bitter after losing against us that it was funny to kind of poke them about it. If I were to choose, I guess that one of the best memories was beating xHoTx in a clan war. At the time I didn't even know who they were, but they were apparently beating many top clans at the time, and when they came to face B64, we outclassed them 6-1. At the time it was just another win like any other, but they would come to our server every week to seek the rematch, so it became more important over time. We would eventually lose a rematch and win the 3rd match but I didn't play in those matches. There were many other clans that I was more than happy to walk over in a clan match.

Now that we're on about SA-MP, what were toughest three clans you have faced?

I don't know, it was long time ago. HoT was definitely tough at their best. We played against them many times, especially on weekends' trainings and we kind of knew each other. They were a Polish clan but at their peak, which was maybe 2008, they were probably number 1 at some point or at least top 3. That was the only clan to legitimately beat us in a clan war [other loss being against TC], so I would say that at their best, they were the toughest. For the next two spots, I don't know. I would've known if you asked me this in 2009, but long time has passed since then. We defeated many top clans, but it ended up being easy rather than tough, so it's hard to tell. XII was tough, that could be number 2, and let's say G2 is number 3. That was our first clan war, it wasn't exactly that close, but I knew their members, and those were some of the toughest run-weapons players in SA-MP.

Where are B64 members now?

You will hardly find them anywhere. I still get notifications from our forum, so I'm usually there if there are some new posts. A couple of us still play Age of Mythology from time to time, like once in two months. If you are into AoM, I have no problem taking someone to school there a couple of times a year. Milos and Delas [Juggernaut] come there, not often though, so if you are lucky, you might catch us there once or twice.

Who is the best at Age of Mythology?

Me, of course. They still haven't created another King of the Hill tournament so I can win it. Last time, they made it when I was on vacation, so TM [TriremeMaster] won it. To be honest, we just play for fun and laughs. It's more like some reunion each time since it doesn't really happen that often.

What are your thoughts on GTA V?

I played it only on PlayStation, and it is good. Although I'm not too interested in it, it's obvious that Rockstar did some great job. If I actually had time to spend on gaming, I'd be probably playing it.

What are your thoughts on Capcom's upcoming Street Fighter V?

I don't know, ask Juggernaut that, although I doubt that even he is too much into that. I liked Street Fighter as a kid, and I liked Street Fighter III. This new stuff, I have no idea.

Who is your favorite B64 member?

Myself. I am the best and baddest B64 member.

Who is your least favorite B64 member?

That's a tough question. We only have awesome members, so nobody.

Is it true that you have never lost a clan match?

In GTA yes. In SA-MP and back in MTA I have played in countless clan wars, never lost a single one. I didn't count, but my record is probably about 40-0. That probably makes me the best GTA player in history.

Any closing words by Toxic aka ManOwar aka the best player on the planet?

Keep it up, LRO is number 1 as always. Never be happy to boil down to the second best. Runner-up is for losers.

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