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Juggy comments recent SF events in a LRO interview
Following the latest Street Fighter tournaments, including the likes of Dreamhack, Evo and Trofeo Pisa, the leader of Boulevard 64 crew, Nicholas Delas aka "Juggernaut" shares his thoughts in a LRO interview. Since it has been a while since the B64 crew was active in some of the gaming competitions, Delas touches that topic as well and discusses the crew history, but also makes comments about the future of Boulevard 64.

It has been a while since Boulevard 64 showed any signs of activity. Why is that?

It has been a few months actually. The players themselves aren't very active in anything particular because it takes time and dedication to organize anything serious, and as a team, we don't have enough free time for those kind of stuff at this point.

Your former rivals from the ACF crew have been doing very well recently. Are you still in contact with them?

We have always been the friends first and then the rivals. It was kind of a friendly rivalry actually. Of course we are still in contact. I was there when Righi won the tournament in Pisa last month, I'm very proud of him because we were once competing together in a league hosted by B64. I know that he can make it on the European stage and I'm always cheering for him.

The recent tournaments prove that Europe has become a serious player on the world stage. What are your thoughts about Luffy winning Evo and Dreamhack?

Europe has always been the major stage and produced some of the top players over the years. Of course, it was almost impossible to compete with the Japanese throughout the past, but it was never going to last forever and now Luffy has proven that. It's not just the Evo championship when he beaten all those world class players back to back, he was constantly achieving the top results in both Capcom Pro Tour and the other tournaments throughout 2014. Also, he has done it all with Rose, which is a low tier character. It just proves that he is one of the world's premier players for a reason.

What would it take to get someone like Luffy to compete in tournaments like Trofeo Pisa or Zillion Cup?

Well, it would take a lot. First of all, the budget of those tournaments is not even close to those from Capcom Pro Tour. Another thing is that these to tourneys are not professional, but semi-pro at best. We don't have the real pro players here, and as such, we don't have anything to offer to the world's top guys. There isn't anything for them to gain from competing in Zillion Cup, Malta Tour and tournaments like that, they only have time and potential money to lose. Eugene was probably the biggest name who took part in these Mediterranean tourneys, and he isn't even close to the level of Luffy, Tokido, Daigo and others.

What about Righi? Do you see him achieving the level of those guys one day?

It's up to him. If he wanted to, he definitely could find himself a place on some of those Capcom rated tournaments. He was actually invited to participate in one of those tournaments in France, not sure if he did. If I'm correct, the only time he and Pinezze went outside Italy was for the Malta Tour last year. I just think that being some kind of semi-pro players and doing their ACF thing is more lucrative for them than trying to be full time pros.

Have you imagined B64 testing those pro waters at some point?

No, it could never work. It would take 10 times the dedication, resources and countless other things we are already missing right now. When we were into online games like GTA, FlatOut, we were the top guys, but professional team for fighting games? We aren't into that.

When B64 played San Andreas Multiplayer, was it competition or fun?

It was both. First of all, SAMP is a modification, and it's not affiliated with the official developer or publisher of the original game, like the case we have with GTA IV or GTA V. It was a community run by the players themselves, and we happened to be one of the top clans there. As the time was passing, the older players were losing the interest and the new ones were arriving, so eventually at some point, we have lost that interest and decided to leave the scene as well. It was a great run though.

So it was completely different from FlatOut and Street Fighter?

From Street Fighter yes, but not that different from FlatOut. FlatOut Ultimate Carnage actually, that was the game we were primary based on after we had retired from SAMP. Much like San Andreas, FlatOut was not officially organized by BugBear, the publisher of the game. It was also basically organized by the players themselves. The only difference is that it was way stricter and more precise in terms of rules and regulation, and the organization itself, because there was actually a small group of people that had the monopoly over the entire organization of multiplayer events and its concept.

Could you name your three toughest Street Fighter opponents?

That's a very hard choice. I've played so many times online against super though guys who I don't even remember now. Well, generally, my toughest rivals were Eugene, Righi and Pinezze aka ForzaViola. I played against Eugene in 2010 on B64's 4th birthday anniversary and I had a really good run against Righi and Pinezze in the B64Club seasons.

What's next for you?

Well, I'm still around, doing the same thing I have been doing for the past 2 years. Zillion Cup will be hosting an Ultra Street Fighter IV tournament this fall, I will do my part of the promotion. I'm working on organizing some kind of qualifiers through the Heraklion based arcade, then possibly even get something with the Greek Dojo, we'll see. I will also work with the MavZ regarding their upcoming magazine, so there's a pretty busy schedule upon me.

Any future plans for B64?

Nothing is happening at the moment, but there are some plans for the later part of this year, or early 2015. Everyone will be informed when the time comes.

Message for the end?

Stay tuned, track the news and follow Boulevard 64 on the social media.

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