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Cunt Hunters Hit 5 Years!
We are happy to share that one of our best allies, Cunt Hunters, have just hit the 5 years mark! The cH clan has been a major ally of B64 since the foundation of Cunt Hunters back in 2009. However, the alliance story begins about a year earlier, when Zofija and his fellows were operating under the name of JEG, aka Junior Elite Group. It was late 2008 when B64 and JEG crossed the paths, which quickly escalated into the alliance. Now, many years later, we are proud of cH and are happy to congratulate them the 5th anniversary!

Here is a part of the original article from Cunt Hunters' website:

5th anniversary already is out!

cH (a.k.a oldest name JEG) got huge history relationship with other gangs, a lot of time spent together:

Allies & Friends

*All of [ABK]
*All of [b64]
*All of [OWN]
*All of [OnB]
*All of [PTM]
*All of [xHoTx]
*All of [MOB]
*All of [SAE]
*All of [BB]

Hall of Fame

JaGuAr - Long time with clan, smart and cold nerves leader, our Santa Claus, always giving gifts to members without asking.
Scott - Scripted few gamemodes for our crew.
Dreft - Long time hosting.
HuNTer - Spent a lot of time for cH, symbol of the clan.
B64 clan, Combo, Milos and others - One of the allies, they did help for us, site manage, paid for site premium, every cH gangsta must know it about this, respect.
[ABK]Trip - Few years together, head administrator, help for site edits, updates, other stuffs like that, scripting etc, English lessons, good friend, every new cH gangsta must know about him.
The MOB, vinnie - Lord Of Magissm, Every of us seniors, have to say a big thanks to MOBsters, for anything, 1 of those - Legendary WarZone, where we've spent great times together.
Houms, Murderdoll, SvP - every of cH, have to say big thanks to them for everything. Good luck somewhere.
Cjeet - Done amazing work for cH, many clanwars, tournaments, championships, one of legends cH. 2011 metu [cH]Cjeet =Nepisk_Ubaga=Cup~ duel King'
Tinginys - 2014 cH backround creator, did something nice for us, respect.
Dzymka - 2012 metu =Nepisk_Ubaga 2=Cup~ winneri [cH]Dzymka.2014 =Burning Arrows= (dota2 1v1 championship) #1place

TeamSpeak 3 IP Address
ts53.gameservers.com port: 9274

cH members list details & info

zofija - Founder - Active (sa-mp/dota2/cs:go/forums/ts/steam/fb)
JaGuAr - Founder - Active(multigaming/forums/ts/steam/fb)
GrandFather - Founder - Active (fb)
FrozeN - Head Warlord - Active (dota2/forums/ts/steam)
Valera - Senior - Active (steam/forums/ts/cs:go/sa-mp/fb)
MateukA_ - Senior - Inactive
SliDe_ - Senior - Active (cs:s/steam/fb)
vodka - Senior - Active (sa-mp/forums/xfire/fb)
CaDis[S] - Senior - Active (fb)
Suffer - Senior - Active (multigaming/steam/forums/ts/fb/)
aybshh - Senior - Active(fb/forums/)
Razer - Senior - Active (fb)
Zapas - Senior - Active (sa-mp/forums/fb)
Malok - Senior - Inactive
Des3vin - Senior - Inactive
DyDyt_ - Senior - Inactive
BlooD_ - Senior - Active (fb)
Cjeet - Senior - Active (steam/forums/ts/fb/multigaming)
Al_Capone - Senior - Active (Multigaming/ts/forums/steam/fb)
Donce - Senior - Active (multigaming/forums/ts/steam/fb)
Ray - Senior - Inactive
LuXura - Senior - Active (sa-mp/fb)
PikNik - Senior - Active (fb)
Bemito - Senior - Inactive
Xer0 - Member - Inactive
Kunnas - Member - active (forums/ts/dota2)
Ziggy - Member - active (steam/cs:go)
Vitaminas - Member - active (forums/steam/samp)
Isganytojas - Member - active (forums/steam/ts/dota2)

Active - still playing games.
Active - shows still alive, but not playing
Inactive - absolutely inactive

Clan Wars Statistics

Clan Wars Played: 98
Won: 52
Lost: 42
Draw: 4

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