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SA:MP End Of The Line
More than 3 years have passed since [b64] was put in motion on the streets of San Andreas. After much discussion, the decision has been made that Boulevard 64 retires from SA-MP. While some might see it as a surprise, especially people outside the clan, those in the know have been aware that our time in this game is up, and it's really been that way for a few months now. Boulevard 64 will now be focused on FlatOut where we've been operating for more than a year now and also the upcoming RFG, whose release is coming in less than a month. We'd like to thank everyone who has been with us in SA-MP throughout all these years. What we are today is the result of incredible dedication and determination of our amazing members, who have really always been the #1 team in the game!

San Andreas Multiplayer will remain a big part of our history, but as I've mentioned, it's been long overdue. The game itself is getting older as well as b64, and even since this time last year, we had been considering leaving it. We have been terribly inactive since the later part of 2008, but what kept us going was still a solid amount of players on our servers, particularly LS Turfwars and StuntmaniA. While we did increase the number of clan wars this year, our general activity paradoxically decreased greatly. In reality it was just a few of us doing clan matches every other week, with little or no training, with almost all of the elder members absent, and with no other significant SA-MP activity.

Therefore, the decision is made by Enginer, Luka, Huster and myself that b64 will no longer be active in SA-MP as a clan once B64 Attack/Defend and B64 StuntmaniA hosting expires, which is the 31st of August.

We will host a farewell event in one of our servers (although crippled with inactivity of our own members) and possibly have one final clan war, all of which you will find out by checking out the forum.

Street Life Stories still has decent amount of players, but as of this month it's not owned by b64 and we don't have anything to do with it anymore. SGL will be the sole person running it from now on.

Of course, b64 and this community as a whole won't be dying out like other clans, nor will we be slowing down. In fact, we are speeding up! Our FlatOut team is rock solid, we have recruited some fresh blood and the competition is heating up! Also, Red Faction Guerrilla is just around the corner and many of us have it pre-ordered already. Stay tuned and see you around!
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