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B64 Hits 8 Years
Another year, another anniversary. Boulevard 64 is 8 years old. On May 14th, 8 years ago, a few decorated ex MTA players decided to start their own thing and bring the competition to the growing scene of San Andreas Multiplayer. It didn't take much time for 2Good, Milos, Lu, Hustler, Toxic and others to start taking over and in just a few months B64 was already one of the best and most influential crews in that GTA multiplayer mod in what would be a successful 3 year run. Now, 8 years later, we are still running and closing to hit that decade mark.

Boulevard 64 started its journey on this day, May 2006 on the Majestic Twelve server in SA-MP. Players like Lu, EnGiNeR89, Milos[14], vlaxXx, Hustler and toXic were experienced in MTA prior to SA-MP's release, so [b64] was put together and ready to compete on the streets of San Andreas. We went on to become #1 clan in the game during our peak, scoring victories over crews such as G2, XII, DB, BK, HoT, TC, SAW, MTS and many others. Also, b64 scripted and successfully ran a number of servers like Los Santos Turfwars, StuntmaniA, Street Life Stories and b64's own public and private A/D and clanwar servers.
In 2009 we decided to retire from SA-MP and focus on FlatOut Ultimate Carnage, which we had been playing since its release in 2008. After a year of hard work and progress through the ranks, we have finally hit the pinnacle of the game and started competing with the best teams, winning many matches, competitions and tournaments.
In 2011, we got ourselves included in hosting of various gaming events, and soon started organizing a gaming league for the arcade games, under the name of B64Club. Many players were gathered to compete and the interest was big enough to host 2 gaming seasons in 2011 and 2012.

Now, in 2014, B64 is doing just fine. Eight years of history and success, and we are still here, not going anywhere yet.

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