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B64 AOM:TT Tournament: [OFF] Wins!

Several month after we extended the announced Age of Mythology tournament, we are here again with the goal of realizing this idea! The tournament is planned to start on 10th April, with most likely 16 teams participating. In order to participate the tournament, you must have Age of Mythology: The Titans Expansion, as well as the minimum of 3 players (including you) for your team. GameRanger program will be also required as the matches will be based on it. We also recommend the users that have weak internet connection not to sign up for the competition, as it is the main cause of the GameRanger problems. The competition was originally planned to include 8 to 12 teams, but as it became hugely popular, we upgraded it to 16 clans and decided to call this tournament a World Cup.


As there are all the 16 clans signed up for the competition, the tournament secion will be opened at forums. You will be able to arrange the date and time for every match you play.

The tournament will start on 10th April.

GameRanger can be downloaded on the official website - www.gameranger.com.

If you are having problems with GameRanger, we recommend you to play on Voobly - www.voobly.com. The tournament matches can be played on Voobly only if the both clans agree on it.

Click here for the quick website registration (no e-mail confirmation required)!

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72 Ned   [Entry]

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73 SJ_SParTan   [Entry]
Thanks a lot.. And the Off b2k semi?

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74 Ganso   [Entry]

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75 SJ_SParTan   [Entry]
Appreciate it!

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71 SJ_SParTan   [Entry]
Hey guys, is ther any way to get the final's recorded games?

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70 OFF_Brutos   [Entry]
which day shall be the decision?

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69 Butters   [Entry]

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68 AoD_Miguel   [Entry]
When will the other games? : D

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66 Butters   [Entry]
What's wrong Spartan? You have defeated GRX and you are qualified for the next round. Look at the charts better wink

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67 SJ_SParTan   [Entry]
Haha.. Mayb my eyes were playing tricks on me cuz me and my mates saw our name taken off earlier..

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65 SJ_SParTan   [Entry]
I'm assuming we didn't make it to the next round cuz you took our name off de charts?!!

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64 POJUU   [Entry]
Saint POJUU is my ID
account : 1578345

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63 [lelo]uski   [Entry]
wEll wHIch clAn is iNacTive ??

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62 Ganso   [Entry]
@POJUU hm just post your ID, I think that 1 clan is inactive so you can take their place.

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