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10 Years Of B64
We are proud to say that on this day, full 10 years ago, Boulevard 64 came to existence and has been on a successful streak ever since! It were Milos, Luka and Enginer that had decided to form a clan in order to make their own mark on the rapidly emerging competitive scene shorty after SA-MP itself was released. What would follow is not quite what everyone was expecting at the time we gathered up in order to establish ourselves on a number of SA-MP servers. B64 would not only become one of the greatest clans of its time, but it would also establish an everlasting community of reputed players that is still unmatched.

At the time we had started the clan, we weren't even sure how far would the SA-MP thing go, as it was pretty much a young, recently released project (although long time in development). Clans were being created almost daily at the time and most of them would get disbanded very quickly. Luka and I were the old fellas from the MTA days and Milos was a newcomer in the whole thing. We were doing very well together and were basically already a team, and creating a clan seemed like a natural thing to do.

We had created Boulevard 64 on Hoodlum's TeamSpeak channel and were originally planning to be mainly active on H's LS Gang Wars server. However, it was Hustler who helped us host our own TeamSpeak and convinced us to play on BK's server, where we quickly became the leading gang and started recruitment. We would also extend our activity to XII's server, which was official at the time and considering that we quickly gained admin positions on both servers, it was all uphill from there. That was the early period of SA-MP, perhaps even the most colorful, which led us to be widely considered the number one clan of the time.

As the competitiveness between the clans was on the rise, the first clanwar gamemodes emerged. One of the first was "Red/Blue Clanwar" mode, created by Hustler and Evolution for the purposes of clan wars. Both B64 and KGX hosted servers with the same gamemode on, but as KGX closed their servers soon after, we were the only ones in change of the mode development and would eventually create numerous versions that were used by other clans as well. Eventually we would develop and Attack/Defend mode as well, as A/D was slowly becoming the main script used for clan wars. Over the years we would remain one of the most reputed and respectable clans in the history of the game. We gained many good friends, some of whom have been right with us all the way from the day one.

In summer 2009, we had decided to retire from SA-MP and move on. It was actually a long way coming as the game just wasn't the same anymore after many of the old players and clans from back in our day had long time left the scene. We actually planned to retire in 2008 and eventually move on to GTA IV, but ended up deciding to carry on for another year before finally walking away from the good old San Andreas mod. As GTA IV didn't exactly turn out to be what we had expected, we started playing FlatOut and Red Faction, significantly reduced in numbers. We had about 2 very successful and fun years, especially in FlatOut, but as the community was rather small, it eventually completely died out.

Later on, we would attempt to start our thing in some games such as Bionic Commando, but for whatever reason none of those attempts really worked out and B64 was never again gathered to play a multiplayer game as a team. What we did manage to do, was to establish a very good and loyal community on the website, which enabled us to start hosting arcade games events. We used Supercade client to host arcade games competitions for 2 years, as a part of our B64Club which at its peak numbered 32 to 64 players per competition.

Finally, I am extremely proud of how B64 has always been carrying itself and what we have achieved over a decade long period of doing what we do best. I would like to thank to each and every of the present and past members who have given their contribution to everything that we have done, and also to our friends and people who were a part of this community throughout the great times we had here.

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