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Our Age of Mythology: The Titans King Of The Hill tournament is over and we congratulate to the winner - TriremeMaster! The competition was organized on b64 forums, with 16 players participating in AOM:TT tournament, played on King Of The Hill mode. TriremeMaster (aka TM) came on top, winning every match, each with 2-0 score. This really comes with no surprise considering that TM spent years playing ESO official leagues on both AOM and AOM:TT. Nevertheless, the tournament was very fun and once again congrats to TM!
News | Views: 1142 | Added by: [b64]Juggy | Date: 25 Aug 2013

The latest Grand Theft Auto V trailer - released today - reveals a few things we've never seen before, as well as showing what we already knew about in action. Having thoroughly introduced GTA V's three protagonists in the previous trailer series, Rockstar evidently wants to use this gameplay trailer to show how it all fits together when you play. Rockstar has previously made assurances that customisation is a big part of Grand Theft Auto V, and the trailer shows that in action for the first time as well. we also saw just the briefest glimpse of the game's multiplayer through the eyes of a player looking through a glass wall out onto a city filled with players in cars, on foot and in jets and helicopters. It looked like Battlefield in Los Santos. Yes please. We're promised more information on that soon.
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B64Club is officially closed. This is the third time we closed B64Club and this time it's for good, as there will definitely not be any revivals. The club's third run started early this year and lasted for about 5 months. It was dedicated to Street Fighter III: Third Strike and Super Street Fighter II X rankings, with the goal of helping B64 team develop the skills for the Street Fighter tournaments that took place in January and February. After B64's retirement from SF competition on February 20th, B64Club's activity was minimal and there was no point keeping it working anymore. Unlike the previous time, B64Club is now completely closed and won't be reopened.
News | Views: 762 | Added by: [b64]Juggy | Date: 18 Jun 2013