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Today we have played our first official clan match against <g2> clan. After whole month of challenges, delays, retreats and trash talking, it was b64 who accepted to fight <g2> and I am very happy that this clan war finally took place. The match was played on BK's training server, on Red/Blue TDM gamemode, which is specially created for clan wars by [b64]Hustler and [KGX]Evolution. B64 won 44-17 in a 5v5 fight of 10 rounds. After the first two rounds that were pretty tough, we took control of the match and won pretty easily. The original match report is available here.
News | Views: 6479 | Added by: [b64]Luka | Date: 10 Aug 2006

Welcome to B64 website, a site dedicated to SA-MP based clan Boulevard 64. We are a group of highly skilled players, seeking to have some good time playing. As of today, our official website is launched and available to everyone to pay us a visit and join the discussions on our forums. After being the top clan on the Gangwars servers for month, we decided to expand the business and B64 will have its own server set up very soon. For those who are interested in playing with us, our members can usually be found on servers such as Gangwars, Battle of Los Santos and Larry's Rivershell.
News | Views: 9795 | Added by: [b64]Luka | Date: 08 Aug 2006

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