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We are proud to say that on this day, full 10 years ago, Boulevard 64 came to existence and has been on a successful streak ever since! It were Milos, Luka and Enginer that had decided to form a clan in order to make their own mark on the rapidly emerging competitive scene shorty after SA-MP itself was released. What would follow is not quite what everyone was expecting at the time we gathered up in order to establish ourselves on a number of SA-MP servers. B64 would not only become one of the greatest clans of its time, but it would also establish an everlasting community of reputed players that is still unmatched.
News | Views: 2013 | Added by: [b64]Enginer | Date: 13 May 2016

After three years, Age of Mythology is more than likely to return to the Boulevard 64 menu. In February, B64 is planning to organize Age of Mythology: The Titans tournament, that should consist of 16 players. The tournament format is not yet clear, as we have several possible scenarios for that matter. Either way, we are happy to start the preparation stage for this competition which will surely bring back the excitement to all those guys who had enjoyed playing Age of Mythology over the years.
News | Views: 1327 | Added by: [b64]Juggy | Date: 25 Jan 2016

We are happy to present the first episode of the recently announced series SA-MP Legacy. The objective of this serial to gather the old SA-MP players and friends of the clan, who will recall the good old days and give out their own views on SA-MP history and the role they had there, and also share their own stories and experiences that we might didn't know until now. For the debut episode of the series, we have invited two guests. One is Rowdy, one of the BK clan leaders and head admin of Los Santos Gangwars, one of the original servers of SA-MP. Another is Hoodlum, one of the best known faces from the early days of SA-MP and then-leader of his Hoodlums clan.
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