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As per Rockstar's Newswire release today, Red Dead Online Beta gets a big set of updates across the board, including new gameplay, weapons and clothing, additional balancing and a slew of community-requested improvements. While many of the updates are focused on clothing, emotes and other minor additions, perhaps the biggest news are Daily Challenges, new Showdown Modes and renovated Radar and Visibility System. Before we get down to the analysis, we'd like to welcome our new member, BerettaBear, who has really been a part of the b64 pack since the day one in Red Dead Online! Also, Paresh and SrgtSavage have been a part of b64 posse for two months now!
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After long period of absence, we are happy to present the third episode of SA-MP Legacy series. The objective of this serial is to gather the old GTA multiplayer players and friends of the clan, who will recall the good old days and give out their own views on SA-MP history and the role they had there, and also share their own stories and experiences that we might didn't know about until now. It has been almost 3 years since the last episode was published, but 2019 has brought us newfound activity so here we are. The first guest of 2019 was one of the very founders of Boulevard 64 and its longtime leader, [b64]Milos.
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Even since Red Dead Redemption 2 hit the PS4 stores there has been discussion among our members who own the console whether or not to bring b64 back to competitive life. Knowing how dead our website and forums were prior to winter holidays, there is little no chance that many people could've noticed, but extensive discussions were held regarding our potential move to Rockstar's newest game. The decision was made and it happened right after New Year's Eve, so it's only right to make things official. Boulevard 64 is back for blood in Red Dead Online! Posses, freeroam, Showdown series, Gun Rush, everything that Rockstar are ready to throw at us!
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