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B64 defeats BES in a very competitive match. The clanwar was played 7v7 and ended up 55-29 in our favor. We won nearly every round and dominated most of the match. BES showed that they have improved very much since the <g2> days. I enjoyed the show considering the amount of crap they managed to say about us prior to the clanwar. We said on BK forums that we'll show why we are the best clan there is, and that's exactly what we've done last night. The clanwar is filmed by Evolution and will be available on our YouTube channel soon. The original match report is available here.
News | Views: 15916 | Added by: [b64]Hustler | Date: 03 Dec 2006

As of today, everyone will be able to hang with b64 on our own training server, under the IP of The server gamemode is Red/Blue TDM, which is specially developed for clan wars. The mode is owned by b64 clan and we will be providing you with the updates as often as we can. This mode can also be found on BK and KGX clan servers and nowhere else. The server has 25 available slots and everyone is welcomed to join us during our public trainings on weekends. If some clans would like to have Red/Blue TDM on their own training server, we have no problem with sending an amx to any respected crew out there.
News | Views: 10254 | Added by: [b64]Hustler | Date: 01 Dec 2006

Yesterday b64 defeated [SiX] clan. The competition between b64 and clans from LVMG is really on the heat recently and it was about time somebody steps up and faces us. The match took place on KGX server, it was 7v7 clan war. B64 won 47-11, winning every round in the process. I'd thank PureBone_ for a good match and challenge they provided us. I've even noticed SiX using our very own tactics at some points during the fight/ Hopefully they will maintain strong and we may have a rematch at some point in future. The original match report is available here.
News | Views: 10999 | Added by: [b64]Lu | Date: 20 Oct 2006

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