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We've had a very good and friendly match versus KGX and won 41-12. Since we and KGX are longtime allies, there wasn't any tension prior nor during the match and I'm very happy to see that, as it's very rare among the SA-MP clans these days. The match was played 5 vs 5 on our server. I'd thank to all b64 and KGX members who took part in this clan war and also to our friends from 18th for filming some rounds. This was the battle of two undefeated clans and I'm glad that we've pulled out a victory. The original match report is available here.
News | Views: 9162 | Added by: [b64]Hustler | Date: 18 May 2007

Yesterday b64 beat XII in what is probably our biggest victory so far. After weeks of setting up the fight and hyping it up on various forums, it all came down to 5 rounds of fighting between b64 and XII. The match was 7v7, Lu wasn't able to make it so he was replaced by Smirnoff. The war took place on SA:MP League serverbut we played 5 rounds instead of usual 3. The battle was really tough and now we are aware that XII was top for such a long time for a reason. At the end b64 won 3-2 in a very dramatic battle. The original match report is available here.
News | Views: 16842 | Added by: [b64]Enginer | Date: 16 Jan 2007

B64 defeats BES in a very competitive match. The clanwar was played 7v7 and ended up 55-29 in our favor. We won nearly every round and dominated most of the match. BES showed that they have improved very much since the <g2> days. I enjoyed the show considering the amount of crap they managed to say about us prior to the clanwar. We said on BK forums that we'll show why we are the best clan there is, and that's exactly what we've done last night. The clanwar is filmed by Evolution and will be available on our YouTube channel soon. The original match report is available here.
News | Views: 16148 | Added by: [b64]Hustler | Date: 03 Dec 2006