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Due to the recent difficulties we had with our TeamSpeak host, we decided to switch the host. Our new TS server is located in Germany under the IP address of The new server contains 30 slots for the public section plus 15 slots for the private section which is for the clan members only. The host itself is owned by the German Telekom and it's very stable unlike the previous one we had. The TS data from the previous host is saved and will be transferred to the new server during the next 2 days. Big credit goes to Hustler for providing us with such a quality host and making the data transfer possible as well.
News | Views: 3022 | Added by: [b64]Milos | Date: 08 Jul 2007

The new version of San Andreas Multiplayer is now officially available, SA-MP 0.2! According to SA-MP Team, the new version contains countless updates in the various aspects of the game and every player has to install it. The new version can be downloaded on SA-MP Team's official website www.sa-mp.com. We are currently intensively working on our servers to adjust it to the new version and it will take a few days until everything is done. We're looking forward to the newest version of the multiplayer and everyone should download it as soon as possible.
News | Views: 6060 | Added by: [b64]Milos | Date: 19 Jun 2007

As the post on forum.sa-mp.com says, the SA:MP League 0.2 will start as soon as the new SA-MP update comes out. I have already spoke to Azer about about this and [b64] will be signing up. I already notified him on both SA:MP League website (forums are disabled there, but I encourage everyone to visit #sa-mp.league at GTANet IRC) and XII's own forums. Last year we weren't ready but this season should be very exciting and competitive, and I've seen some known clans already signing up as well. We are yet do decide about our base but that will come in time when we get a feel of the new gamemode.
News | Views: 8971 | Added by: [b64]Enginer | Date: 04 Jun 2007