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Boulevard 64 comes out on top once again! Yesterday we've won a tournament hosted by [EST]. It was a really good competition and a very exhausting day for all the participating clans and players. The whole league was played on a single day and despite the fact that we've showed up with a lot of subs, the tournament really ate our day and we are happy that everything is finally over. B64 won the first place with 43 points, while EST was second with 27 points. We've gone through the whole competition undefeated, winning 26 rounds and losing only 4. These fights won't be classified as official clan matches but it should be noted that we beat RBK, EST and ABC in this league.
News | Views: 12858 | Added by: [b64]Hustler | Date: 12 Oct 2007

After several months of development and delays our clan match server is finally updated and set up under the new IP:! We've been work hard on it lately and as far as delays go, feel free to blame [b64]BlacK. We have now completely removed running weapons from the script and added some cool custom stats which are saved and available for every player. We have added some new arenas (such as Jefferson Motel) but also removed several as well. Every arena is now based on attack and defense, which means that each team is required attack/defend certain area within the arena or risk another team winning extra points for successfully surviving within the marked area during their "defense" round. The whole gamemode now resembles SA:MP League more than a typical TDM but it also increases competitiveness and forces teams to use tactics and strategy more.
News | Views: 6461 | Added by: [b64]Enginer | Date: 10 Sep 2007

Today b64 had a very competitive clan war against SNB. It was a great match, hard fought match that ended 66-32 in our favor (8-2 in rounds). Although SNB is just recently created, it's not a new clan by any means, as it's made of some of the most experienced and skilled players in SA-MP. Thanks to everyone who competed and attended the match and also once again a big credit to 18th team for recording the whole match which should be on our YouTube channel very soon. The original match report is available here.
News | Views: 7787 | Added by: [b64]Enginer | Date: 19 Aug 2007