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Date: 06 Sep 2011 | Tags: SA-MP, samp, b64, graf wall | Added by: Fisher
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Total comments: 24
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22 Nudge   [Entry]
Hopefully Bundes will organize the league after all

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23 Alb@tr0s   [Entry]
The negotations are extremely hard. It is still unknown if Bundes is up to organize it or now. Nothing is settled so far..

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24 Razor   [Entry]
all miller wants is money, so dont count on league to happen

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16 GlalaxyFighters   [Entry]
i heard a lot of shit was going on here. sup cool

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18 linux   [Entry]
You aren't welcome here so much troll

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21 Absynthe   [Entry]
how about a nice cup of gtfo?

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10 Absynthe   [Entry]
what's with b64club?

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11 Acid   [Entry]
I payed 4 days ago for membership it loaded just yesterday

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13 [b64]Juggy   [Entry]
According to the logs your first request was invalid. However I'm glad that everything works now.

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6 smack   [Entry]
Bundes isn't sold to anyone. Stunting division is already dead, just few derby/race servers from b64 hosting that actually work

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7 L3on   [Entry]
that's actually one of the shittiest things lately. sL was so ready to play even WT...

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8 Razor   [Entry]
i thought u'll quit after 2 losses in a row

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12 L3on   [Entry]
na, we keep being the best despite losses

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14 [b64]Toxic   [Entry]
Muller watching his own ass. Already seen

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15 Benfica   [Entry]
[UNK] is closed btw. no point playing alone :/

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17 GlalaxyFighters   [Entry]

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20 biker202   [Entry]
even Punks are leaving :/

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4 チャンピオン   [Entry]
I sense that the Italian slickness will prevail

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5 Dober518   [Entry]
Both of them will go through though wink

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19 Mohawk   [Entry]
actually that is the question xD

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3 RKrooL   [Entry]
just noticed that Luka took 50% of the whole wall xD

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9 Hugekiller   [Entry]
old skool roster

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2 RoSs   [Entry]
classy cool

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1 linux   [Entry]
1st comment!

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