10:27 PM
They all still live in b64 shadow smile
1:53 AM
I heard we are still #1 cool
1:24 AM
From what I know Milos is inactive. Maybe others still play it
2:02 AM
Sup anyone is active in rdr2?
1:40 AM
where u been toxic
11:22 AM
4:28 PM
3:20 AM
Yo sup dudes?
11:10 PM
lol edged out
11:10 PM
bruv <3
3:39 PM
1:03 PM
whats up
1:03 PM
yo b64
0:05 AM
Check out Wilder hes a killer
6:49 AM
That was a joke
0:02 AM
drake curse is real
11:55 PM
3:52 PM
give spier vip he's in red dead gang
3:47 PM
2G just said it lol. Pass for everything is "123"
1:36 PM
Sup why the in forum is everything locked?
1:12 PM
ucoz striking with its incompetence once again
0:28 AM
Forums are now protected by anti-bot passwords, since uCoz can't get rid of the spam bots.
6:53 AM
damn man 13 years...happy bday b64 biggrin
7:19 AM
Happy birthday lads!
7:25 PM
R* trying to bribe us lol
5:23 PM
milos maestro beretta gucci pares are
12:09 PM
Sup gangsta are u still active on rdr2?
2:09 PM
Easy UD for the ginger, Jacobs too passive
11:33 PM
let's go Canelo v Jacobs
1:05 PM
beloved friend Kassanova biggrin
0:52 AM
tf is target race???
3:34 PM
spoils of war is basically CTF which is decent but showdown still sucks
3:33 PM
they should be upgrading gun rush and showdown instead of scattering players to new modes
5:17 AM
wtf is fsk
0:56 AM
Join FsK discord at https://discord.gg/P5PKTV !
1:34 AM
They did the exact opposite of what they were supposed to biggrin
9:36 PM
R* needs to get their shit together and start adding new modes instead of gifts
4:52 AM
hat perk won't help!!!
6:29 AM
So Rockstar basically decided to give pussy players a hideout in this new update. That's what the new radar is
4:45 PM
What's poppin brothers?
1:40 PM
3:46 PM
Welcome to our new bro
1:46 PM
first new member in 10 years!
11:57 PM
I'd like to welcome BerettaBear to the gang. He's been a part of our Red Dead squad for a month now! We're taking over cool
5:15 PM
lol wut
3:56 PM
look at the server:
5:56 AM
sup b64 cool
7:38 AM
4:23 AM
Not much. we're killin' it
5:15 PM
What up cool
1:53 AM
It's back up
7:15 AM
twitter account blocked. nice
5:14 PM
We outlasted the bot source cheesygrin
3:16 PM
Happy New Year, enjoy the holidays! 💪
2:16 PM
Happy New Year everyone! I've removed the forum passwords so let's see how it goes.
11:36 AM
happy new year!
4:32 AM
Keeping it old school! cool
2:31 PM
wtfff i thought we were dead D:
6:12 AM
No doubt sharp looks! Almost feels as if 2G is cooking something hehe
4:19 AM
I added clanwar results to menu and redesigned roster. Much fresher appearance now. cool