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The Golden Generation
30 Jan 2014, 0:21 AM
At the time when Vice City was staring to be a little bit out of fashion, most of the longtime waiting for a new multiplayer mode which would allow them to play San Andreas online as well. After various unsuccessful attempts from various developing teams, the SA-MP team arrived with their project and generated huge attention. Everyone fell in love with the new project and it was obvious that the multiplayer mode for GTA San Andreas was upcoming. Not everyone had left the VC scene and joined SA-MP at the time, but there was a bunch of renowned guys who had decided to step on the new territory and start taking over. That bunch is called the golden generation.

"We are not gods, but we are something similar" was the response of [KGX]Primariuz to one of the players who was acknowledging that the KGX clan was very good during one of the last SA-MP test prior to the release. That statement later became the style of a self-proclaimed "original" generation, or the "old school", how this garniture of players liked to call themselves among the newer guys. Countless myths and anecdotes were born during that time which would be spread among the community regardless of them packing the truth or being completely made up stories. The old players call it the golden era of SA-MP, some new players respect it, some of them even pretend to be a part of those times, which the others either respect it or don't care much about it. One thing is for sure, those who played SA-MP back then in 2006 through 2007 and were on the fire, it was hell of an experience.
As mentioned, the KGX clan was one of the first ones in SA-MP to appear to be more skilled than the majority. The clan was actually never widely known among the community, but most of the clans had nothing but respect towards the likes of [KGX]Evolution, [KGX]Primariuz, [KGX]KRE and so on. Many myths would be later spread about this clan and their leader [KGX]Evolution throughout the years. What's known for the fact is that they had always appeared in the "scientist" skins and had it locked exclusively for them in a number of servers. They were the first to appear to know about the "bugs" and the advantages that went with their usage. Many of them were frequently included in various development programs and are usually more known by their usernames rather than being the members of the KGX clan. Although I personally asked their leader many times about the meaning of "KGX", he had never gave me an answer.Although there is a fair chance that nobody of the present players have never heard of KGX in their life, this mention here gives them a fine shootout and means that the "oldies" didn't forget them just like that.
What used to be one of their rival clans, Bloody Killers aka the BK clan were much more commonly known and widely recognized as one of the biggest clans in SA-MP at the time. Ex MTA:VC crew had done themselves great business by opening a gangwar server right after the SA-MP release. It quickly became the home of many clans and players that would start building their reputation either by siding with BK or opposing them. One of the good examples is the Omega clan, which would ally with the side that sent them more cash. The self-proclaimed number one server in SA-MP would quickly bypass the competition in Hoodlums, Rivershell and LVMG to become the most popular  deathmatch server on the "unofficial" SA-MP list. The BK leaders [BK]Bloody and [BK]Rowdy would later sell their server to the new owners, only to remain active and keep most of the admin positions. They would always ally with the EA clan and fight the likes of b64, KGX, XII, RBK, Omega or just about any other clan that would step on their server. EA clan (Elite Academy) was considered to be the "bodyguard clan" of the BK. Even their own members like [EA]Player, [EA]guy, [EA]Leo etc weren't sure if they are a fully independent clan, since they were actually found the the BK clan.
Moving on, we are reaching XII or the Majestic Twelve. XII were one of the biggest and most respected clans in both MTA and SA-MP. They owned an official server called "Battle of Los Santos" and were already developed special modes for SA-MP clan wars before anyone else did. It is fair to say that XII were the biggest clan in the world at the time. [XII]Fexsi0n, [XII]Xtent and [XII]Azer were the leaders of what was the most organized crew with the highest level or inner hierarchy structure. They were a bit of a rivals clans like BK and b64, but also with their arch-rivals from the MTA days, Polish Connection Patriots aka the PCP clan.
One of the most well known players from '06, Hoodlum, decided to create his own clan in the testing phases of the game as well. He called it after himself, the Hoodlums. He would also open a SA-MP server in the days following the release to oppose the Bloody Killers. The Hoodlums TDM was also located in Los Santos and was a gangwar type. As opposed to the usual TDM mode, there were Hoodlums, Thugs, Cops, Medics and similar teams to pick instead of the actual gangs. This server was also the place where the Reborn Killaz were founded by [RBK]Toreno and [RBK]HotHoe. The RBK clan would later go and become one of the most skilled in the next couple of years. As the Hoodlums server was shut down the summer 2006, both Hoodlums and RBK would move and campaign on the BK server, creating a big rivalry with BK and their allies.
Boulevard 64, or shortly b64, was also among the first clans to appear on BK server once it was opened. As they were allies with the KGX, [b64]Enginer was originally planning for the clan to start on the Hoodlums server as KGX were helping Hoodlum script the gamemode at the time, but ultimately decided to begin on BK Gangwars. Just like KGX, b64s were known for the mature behavior and were rivals with BK, EA, ChaoZ, CKM and such clans. [b64]Luka, [b64]Milos and [b64]Enginer gathered some of the most respectable players such as Hustler, Purebone, Toxic etc, which immediately gained them respect in SA-MP. They were one of the biggest and most influential clans at the time and as soon as the clan wars started happening in SA-MP, it was clear that b64s were one of the main acts on the scene. The most famous one at the time was against the g2 clan, which was also an original MTA clan and was considered vicious at the time. Also, b64 is one of the very few clans from the "golden generation" which is still alive today.
There were clans that weren't a part of that XII/BK/b64 garniture but were still active and very respected during those times.
The littlewhitey's server was perhaps the very first SA-MP server and it was a base of many old clans as well. One of the most recognizable, the Warriors, had begun their SA-MP journey on the LW's, led by their legendary leader [W]Hooligan. I still remember the chat being flooded by W and SMITH members each time I logged on in LW's. There was also an alliance formed by the Warriors, Prodigies and the UvH clan. Ultra Violent Hooligans were originally founded on GTA Rumble by [UvH]UzI, but decided to move to SA-MP once it came out. The Prodigies were formed by a player called SidViciousII, who was previously a member of W. The Warriors are the only clan in GTA multiplayer that went through the all games from the series in mutiplayer. They are currently still alive and campaigning at GTA Online (GTA V).
The SiN clan, aka Strength in Numbers, was were among the most respectable clans. This clan was actually shut down and revived multiple times, each time getting worse and worse. The original version was the best and most well known. [SiN]R*BOMB, [SiN]d3str0y3r and [SiN]Gunso were some of the members of the original SiN. They had many clan wars as well, including those against NB and the MOB clan.
NinetyNine Blazed, aka the NB clan, were also one of the more influential clans at the time. NB was founded by two ex NoV members [NB]90NINE and [NB]blaZed. This clan is infamous of being accused for sabotaging the development of one of the SA-MP versions. SA-MP developer kyeman said that the NB clan member Lop_Dog was the reason for the release delay. It was a quite funny post he made on SA-MP forums regarding the situation.
Among the other big clans, there were Novocaine and the KFC gang. Both crews owned big, official servers at the time. NoV had yet another Los Santos based gangwar server, while KFC owned Partyserver, which was a modified SFTDM gamemode. Some of the notable clans such as SWK (South West Killaz) were also around at the time.
Of course, not all of these clans and players were actually a part of the so called golden generation of Evolution, Hoodlum, XII, b64, BK and others. Actually, most of them didn't, but they were surely the old schools foes that deserved at least a mention. Now, when the time of the arch rivalries, hostile clan wars and skilled scientists is longtime gone, we are left with just a reminder of how good or bad back then was. Today SA-MP is a different game. It is advanced and suited to the time it is in. The only things left are the pictures, videos, stories and tales for the oldies to brag about. So yes, that was a story about the generation that was once around. The golden one.
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26 Joe  
Good text, I'm sure it took you time to type it.

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22 IRaniaN  
Good one Fish biggrin

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20 [BK]007  
Juggy should archive this or something. make sure it's saved.

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24 [b64]Juggy  
Don't worry, it's going nowhere. wink

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13 Hellboy  
Great text, spot on Fish, so much valuable text and I'm quite positively surprised you came up with KGX. smile

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25 Fisher  
I figured it would be nice to put up some text about them as some of the people here would recognize them. smile

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12 Sonny  
Good text, well done for putting up an effort. But to sort the things out, majority of mentioned clans/players weren't part of the golden generation.

Hoodlum, Sigarette, Larry, myself, [BK]Bloody [BK]Killers [BK]Rowdy [BK]ElBurro [BK]007 Absynthe Hustler [b64]Luka [b64]2G [XII]Furi0uz [XII]Xtent [XII]Razor [XII]Azer Achilles Lothar [KGX]PrimariuZ [KGX]Greben [KGX]EvoL [KGX]KRe RWQ [W]Hooligan number7 Fishbulb KungFu snipA <g2>$corpio PureBone Toreno [EA]Leo saWn [VCG]Grandmaster DesertStorm Fisher Torrio Sw33t_Ev1l

I surely missed some guys but that's what I could think of right now. Those guys were the true golden generation, not SiN, RBK, P etc. Sure they are all old school, but the golden gen was MTA-to-SAMP thing

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14 Hellboy  
There's no clear definition of the golden generation. That term was never mentioned until Primariuz or Hoodlum (not sure who exactly that was) and they used it for themselves and the old guys surrounding them. They just called themselves "old school" prior to that.

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15 [b64]Toxic  
Primariuz was a good guy to be around at TS. When I joined b64 he and Evo used to train me at times. He loved pistols.  smile Myth says he never lost a pistols duel.

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16 [BK]Rowdy  
Didn't encounter Primariuz that much, but Evolution was the one who was considered the best at summer to winter 06.

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17 Sonny  
Evol was genuinely the best at summer maybe. Later on he was more of a myth like all KGX. I remember at Larry's we'd make up some stories about them ourselves and everyone would believe us.

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18 Absynthe  
there were stories, but kgx was never a myth. evolution was the best duelist in samp. evolution, leo, luka, sweet_evil and cytro. those were the best 4shot duelists for the most part of 06.

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19 Sonny  
I recall Larry being able to beat Evo sometimes. By the end of year Luka, 2G, Cytro, Hustler and a number of others surpassed the skill level of Evo.

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21 [BK]Rowdy  
Larry was a duelist-player too, good one. We always went like 50/50. Evol was although very difficult at the time he was active and would beat me majority of the times. I'd say that Supersonic, Player and myself were also the top in 4-shot in 2006. In 2-shot Cytro, 2G and Fisher were the best Imo, although Cytro was a cheater.

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23 Absynthe  
ofc there was a fair amount of skilled players. xtent, you, sonic, leo, player etc. hooligan from warriors was good too. cytro had his dirty episodes but was legit overall.

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11 [BK]Whitey  
old school cool

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10 Adrox  
good text Fisher smile

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5 [BK]Rowdy  
You have no idea how much I hated Luka and b64 at the time, yet we would do all cool on Teamspeak cool

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6 [BK]007  
Yeah he'd always indirectly call us out biggrin him and Stallion

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8 [b64]Combo  
I thought it was Hoodlum doing that smile

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9 [BK]Rowdy  
Nah they would just go with their "we are #1" and I'd fire back smile Then on TS we'd all chat cool like brothers. biggrin

@Combo Ofc, that mofo was poking us all the time :P

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3 [b64]Toxic  
I remember Greben telling me about crouch bug at the time samp came out and I had no idea what was he talking about. Months later the clans started using it.

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1 Absynthe  
how much time it took you do write this? anyway great job man. xii/bk/b64/g2 those were the times. nice to see kgx in the text, i almost forgot about them. props for mentioning them  happy

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2 Fisher  
It was written quite some time ago, but just now I've published it. But yes, it took me a lot of time. smile

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4 [BK]Rowdy  
is that KGX on the opening image?

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7 Fisher  
Yes I think, it's either from Area51 gamemode or Red/Blue TDM.

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