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Number 1 once again!
11 Nov 2012, 0:24 AM
Something outstanding was achieved this night, something that no other team will ever achieve! XT-S done it! They went on the top of the FlatOut world for a second time! The only difference between now and 2010 is that XT-S have dominated the competition this time like no one before! This is the first time ever that some team wins FlatOut league without losing a single match. XT-S qualified to the playoffs from the league's top position, where they beat Heat Club in the semifinals and then secured the eternal glory by beating LadS in a match of the year!

There was a lot of heat before one of the most amazing finals in history of FlatOut. At the end, the old school legends of the game came out as the winners by beating the new wave masters by the result of 3-2. If there was a doubt about which team is the most successful in the game, there isn't a single doubt now. This combination of experience and skill in XT-S had a great chance to achieve even better results than the golden generation of season 2010, when Neo and Painkiller led the team to the throne in both FlatOut League and Winter Tournament.

On the other side, LadS have proven the FlatOut world that they are a great squad. They went on amazing undefeated streak since their defeat by XTS in the league stage of the competition, beating some of the biggest names around. They improved very much during the competition and managed to become to toughest challenge XTS has faced this year.

I expect this great rivalry to continue on Winter Tournament, when LadS will have a nice opportunity to win the first major tournament in their career. If both teams come in their best shape and lineups to WT, we will surely enjoy in watching one more clash of the titans. Other teams like sL, Heat or uF will have their chances too, but the odds on them will be minimal if the two rivals do what they do best.

As I have already mentioned, XTS is now the only team that have won FOUC League twice, 2010 and 2012. They also have a great chance of becoming the first and only squad to win a double crown (League + WT) twice if they manage to win the upcoming Winter Tournament.

Here is the complete main trophies history:

2008 - FlatOut League: Heat Club
2009 - FlatOut League: Ljemorac
2009 - Winter Tournament: Heat Club
2010 - FlatOut League: XT-S
2010 - Winter Tournament: XT-S
2011 - FlatOut League: Diamond
2011 - FlatOut World Cup: Boulevard 64
2011 - Winter Tournament: Stunting Legends
2012 - FlatOut League: XT-S

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6 Mige   [Entry]
XTS may be one of the best but never the best. they lost to b64 all 4 times. But big congrats on winning the league ladies!

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5 [XT-S]Painkiller   [Entry]
Thanks for the posts guys! biggrin

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4 Ned   [Entry]
Diamond forever the best cool

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3 Ganso   [Entry]
Well done Marcus happy

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2 smack   [Entry]
Marcus please. XTS is good for sure but far from the best in history

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1 Benfica   [Entry]
Congrats XTS! Nice article Marcus smile

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