Unofficial TDM League

• TOURNAMENT REPORT Unofficial TDM League  
Event name Unofficial TDM League
Date 22 - 28 July 2007
Game San Andreas Multiplayer
Organizer Boulevard 64
Participants 12 clans
Mode Battle Zone
Server b64 server
The is the tournament organized by Boulevard 64. There are 12 clans participating: [b64], [BF], [Omega], [BK], [Ob], [ABC], [KGX], xBURx, [Bes], [G], [RbK], [TK].

Qualification round:
[G] vs xBURx 35 - 6
[KGX] vs [Ob] 27 - 21
[RbK] vs [TK] 38 - 12
[ABC] vs [BF] 34 - 17

The qualification round brought us more or less expected results. In the first match <G> easily defeated BUR clan, while the match of the round surely goes to KGX vs [Ob]. EvoL's crew proven its strength even it's not what it used to be a year ago.

RBK didn't have any problems to defeat the inexperienced TK clan, while ABC made a little surprise, as they easily walked over BF even we expected some kind of a tough match.

Round one:
[b64] vs [G] 43 - 4
[Bes] vs [KGX] 24 - 27
[Omega] vs [RbK] 26 - 23
[BK] vs [ABC] 37 - 9

G beat xBURx pretty badly in the previous round, but got humiliated by b64 this time. Even the scores are not official, the match pressure among the big clans was non stop here, b64 won 43-4.

Second match of the round was between BES and KGX. BES showed a good performance even without Cytro, but wasn't enough to beat KGX, which reminded us of the old days crew.

Omega vs RBK was also dramatic as expected, Omega team won pretty closely 26-23. In the last match BK easily walked over ABC and secured the semifinals spot.

[b64] vs [KGX] 34 - 18
[Omega] vs [BK]  27 - 25

Boulevard 64 done a pretty good job versus KGX, controlling the match from the start. Although KGX would easily beat 90% of the samp clans, they looked quite like a newbies in this match. However big respect goes to EvoL who showed to rest of his team how the player is supposed to play.

Omega vs BK was a tough match and even there were rumors that Omega is basically dead and will be closed soon, they demonstrated great teamwork and won 27-25.

[b64] vs [Omega] 32 - 21

The final match brought us the demonstration of how every clan war should look alike. At the end b64 beat Omega 32-21. This was actually the first tournament that some clan organized and gathered other top teams, hopefully the other clans will be brave enough to organize something similar in the future and even make it official.