Tournament Report

Event name SA:MP League 0.2
Date 2007 N/A
Game San Andreas Multiplayer
Organizer [XII]
Participants 32+ teams
Mode Matchscript 2.0
Server SA:MP League Official Server
Apparently they are still working on the script but we will definitely be signing up for the tournament. There will be 32 clans and about 30 are already confirmed at this point (there are still few minor things to sort out such as our base) so I'm hoping to hear from Azer soon.

Here is a quote from their website:


Quote [XII]Azer 30/07/2007:

About the script 

The script is almost ready and expect a start of the league in August... 

Here's a little update about the matchscript for the upcoming league: 

  • Nametags: 
    Nametags are only visible for teammates, this to create stealthy gameplay and disable the build-in wallhack of SA:MP. Ofcourse nametags are fully visible for referees and spectators. 

  • Markers: 
    Just like the nametags, markers are only team-only but full visible for refs. 
    As you can see we're not using the standard markers/blips. 

  • Spectator: 
    The league will have a full spectator-system: Refs/Spectators are allowed to spectate everyone, teams only their own players. Besides their name and playerid, the spectatormode shows the health and armour of the player. 

  • Automatic spawn / teamchange: 
    One of the biggest problems of the old script was waiting until everyone spawned the other class after a round ended. Solved in this script, plus you will be set automaticly to a team when you join the server. 

  • Rounds: 
    A match will have 5 rounds in total, 4 rounds attack/defend and 1 round team deathmatch (at a random location, so its not glenpark only this time). 
    The TDM location could be set for the start of a clanwar though. 

  • Time: 
    The Attack/Defend round will have a timelimit (to prevent a clanwar of a few hours with 5 rounds). Don't expect a round longer then 10 minutes. 

  • Bases / TDM spots: 
    The script contains a lot of presetted Bases and TDM spots, but you can add your own locations if you want too.

Some clans have given up (or closed) since originally signing up and were replaced. Anyway, here's the current list:

[b64] Boulevard 64
Leader: EnGiNeR
Base: TBA

[XII] Majestic Twelve
Leader: Azer
Base: Drugs, SF

[EB] El Blanco
Leader: Whitelight
Base: Garver Bridge

[AU] Above Ultimate
Leader: AgentLopez
Base: Baseball Stadium, SF

[CA] Chilean Assassins
Leader: Lander
Base: LS Cinema, LS

[DVT] Devastators
Leader: Lead_Viole
Base: Esplanade North, SF

[E1ect] Team-E1ect
Leader: D-Ice
Base: Area 69

[EDF] Elite Destruction Force
Leader: ShadowDemon
Base: Da Nang Freighter, SF

[EFO] Elite Force Opposition
Leader: Kesha_F1
Base: Drugs, SF

[GoD] Gangsta of Death
Leader: HERO
Base: Gray Imports, LS

xHoTx Heroes of Terror
Leader: Bum3r
Base: Tierra Robada

[LDK] Lithuanian Death Knights
Leader: NeDizZ
Base: Gray Imports, LS

[LTA] LT Adrenaline
Leader: Kuperis
Base: Verdant Bluffs, LS

[MW] Most Wanted
Leader: JaMaL
Base: Da Nang Freighter, SF

mfS_ Muffoni Soldiers
Leader: McPalsternakka
Base: Area 69, LV

[PVCM] PCJ Vice City Mafia
Leader: Tipostrano
Base: Golf Club, SF

[PKG] Professional Killer Gang
Leader: Karro
Base: Verdant Bluffs, LS

[TDH] Team Die Hard
Leader: Boss
Base: Gray Imports, LS

[TSA] Team Strong Attack
Leader: Voditel
Base: Da Nang Freighter, SF

[TGAB] Türk GTA Akincilar Birligi
Leader: ViRüS
Base: Flint Intersection, LS

[U1tra] U1tra-Team
Leader: Din
Base: Aircraft Carrier, SF

[UG] Ultimate Gamers
Leader: Argon
Base: Mount Chilliad

[AS] All Stars
Leader: TiMe0uT
Base: TBA

[CIA] Central Intelligence Agency
Leader: pacwarz
Base: TBA

[K1] TAK1M
Leader: bubu
Base: TBA

[NB] NinetyNine BlaZed
Leader: 90N1N3
Base: TBA

[PCP] Polish Connection Patriots
Leader: Turbo
Base: TBA

[RBK] Reborn Killaz
Leader: Madk1llA
Base: TBA

[WAR] Wit Accord Readiness
Leader: Dan
Base: TBA

[TC] The Corporation
Leader: Darius
Base: TBA

[MOB] The Mob
Leader: Z.Money
Base: TBA

[TW] Twister
Leader: Patrick
Base: TBA