Street Fighter Plot

The Street Fighter series has a pretty convoluted and wide ranging story line. There are some fairly ludicrous plot arcs while others are interesting. This guide was created to highlight some of the major things in the series.

Important note: Street Fighter canon only comes from the games themselves. The animes, comic books, movies and other things have been disregarded. Although some elements from these things were adapted into the games — this was rarely the case.

Street Fighter — 1987 plot guide

Street Fighter — 1987

• Ryu was the winner of the first Street Fighter tournament. In the final battle, he was on the ground after being knocked down by Sagat. Sagat reached out to take Ryu's hand — feeling he had won, but the Satsui No Hadou overtook Ryu and he performed a Metsu Shoryuken, giving the Muay Thai champion his infamous scar.

• Shadaloo had nothing to do with the first tournament, it was ran by Sagat, prior to him joining the Shadaloo organization.

• Adon and Sagat are the only confirmed characters that Ryu faced. This was backed up in Street Fighter Alpha 2 when Gen and Ryu battle, they speak as if they've never met before, even though Gen was in the original Street Fighter game.

• Some time after this tournament, Akuma challenged Gouken to a fight. Gouken was supposedly killed, but of course resurfaced in Street Fighter 4.

Street Fighter Alpha 1-3 plot guide — 1987 to 1990

Street Fighter Alpha 1-3 — 1987 to 1990

• The Alpha games were not actually a tournament, but a random series a fights between the Street Fighter cast members. As such, there was no official winner.

• Street Fighter Alpha (the first game) was officially declared by Capcom to be non-Canon and all of the events in Street Fighter Alpha 2 and 3 take precedence over the first title.

• Alpha 2: Adon challenged and defeated Sagat, but apparently Sagat was too caught up in his recent loss to Ryu, so he didn't fight up to his true potential.

• Alpha 2: Akuma and Gen faced off, but the match ended in a tie. Gen was some how able to defend against the Raging Demon.

• Alpha 2: M. Bison defeated Chun-Li, laughed at her after the fact and taunted her about her father's death.

• Alpha 2: Ken defeats Ryu, but sees Ryu's focus wasn't really there and notes that his battle with Sagat really messed with him. Ken ends up giving Ryu his headband after the battle as a reminder to keep his head in the game.

• Alpha 2: Rose defeats M. Bison and tries to lock away his Psycho Power, but does not succeed.

• Alpha 2: Evil Ryu was a "what if" character and was never officially part of the Street Fighter canon.

• Alpha 3: M. Bison was defeated and the Shadaloo headquarters was blown up.

• Alpha 3: Charlie (Nash) sacrifices himself to hold off M. Bison while the entire base explodes and many of the cast members escape.

Street Fighter 2 Series — 1993 plot guide

Street Fighter 2 Series — 1993

• M. Bison gets a new body — which accounts for why he looks so different from the Alpha games.

• To get revenge on his enemies and recruit new Shadaloo members, M. Bison hosts a new Street Fighter tournament.

• There was never an official winner to the Street Fighter 2 tournament, likely because Akuma jumped in towards the end to dispatch M. Bison with a Raging Demon. In a way, you could say Akuma won it, but since he wasn't officially invited to participate...

Street Fighter 4 — 1994 plot guide

Street Fighter 4 — 1994

• Capcom of Japan wiped away some of Street Fighter 4's plotlines with Super Street Fighter 4, similar to what they did with Street Fighter Alpha 1.

• Gen reveals to Chun-Li that he feels partially responsible for her father's death because he was unable to stop Shadaloo from taking him away, due to Gen's illness.

This section will be updated in the future, as it's still pretty sparse.

Street Fighter 3 — 1998 to 1999 plot guide

Street Fighter 3 — 1998 to 1999

• Ryu lost a fight against Oro.

• Alex won the Street Fighter 3 tournament, although Gill most likely threw the final match, because he was only looking for worthy fighters. Also, Oro didn't show up for his fight against Alex.

• Urien reveals that at some point Chun-Li brought down the Shadaloo organization.

• Third Strike: By the time this game takes place, the tournament has officially ended and the characters are just wandering around fighting each other, like in the Alpha days.

• Third Strike: Ryu defeats Alex and apparently Alex performed very badly in this match.

• Third Strike: Ryu defeated Ken in a battle for the heck of it.

• Third Strike: Oro meets Akuma and their battle starts. None of them fights with the full potential.