Members Bio

Age: 30
Location: Greece
Status: Active

Juggernaut is the current Boulevard 64 leader. After joining the clan in 2007, he quickly became one of the key members and was very loyal ever since. After the clan's retirement from SA-MP, he was the actual leader of our FlatOut squad. In 2010, Juggy officially became B64 leader as it was decided by the clan founders. Since then, Juggernaut has brought B64 success in various games, such as FOUC and Street Fighter.

Age: 30
Location: Serbia
Status: Active

Luka is one of the three original clan founders. He was originally a GTA3:MTA player and was one of the first regular players in GTA Multiplayer. His MTA:VC gang is considered the predecessor of Boulevard 64. He was known for his skill in both SA-MP and FlatOut and was one of the key members until his leadership resignation in 2010. As of then, Luka is a honorary leader together with Milos and Enginer.

Age: 22
Location: Serbia
Status: Inactive

Milos is one of the three original clan founders. Although with no MTA background, he was once of the key members during the SA-MP days and the most frequent lineup member in clan wars. Being too young for the true leadership during the early period, Milos became the main guy when B64 returned from a six months inactivity in 2008. He maintained the leadership position until B64's retirement from SA-MP in 2009.

Age: 32
Location: Greece
Status: Inactive

Also known as 2Good4You, Enginer is one of the three original clan founders. He was originally a MTA:VC player and a longtime member of Luka's gang in MTA. During his time in SA-MP, Enginer won numerous individual tournaments and was widely considered the most skilled member of B64. He also contributed the squad during B64's period in FlatOut, being one of the key FOUC players.

Age: 35
Location: Netherlands
Status: Inactive

Hustler was one of the members that have been in B64 from the beginning. He was the leader scripter and developer of B64's gamemodes in SA-MP and the person who created the famous Red/Blue TDM mode. In 2007, he became the clan leader, alongside Luka, Milos and Enginer, maintaining that position until going inactive and retiring in 2010.

Age: 29
Location: Russia
Status: Active

Also known as Toxic, ManOwar is a clan member since June 2006. He was one of the most active members in SA-MP, until the old website shut down. After more than a year of inactivity, Toxic came back in January 2010, joining B64's FlatOut team and becoming one of the top rated players in the game. He also contributed B64's Street Fighter team, helping the squad win various competitions.

Age: 28
Location: United States
Status: Active

Being known player in the SA-MP community for years, Combo joined the clan in December 2008. He was a retired player at the time, thus he didn't play a significant role in B64's SA-MP actions. When B64 moved to FlatOut, Combo was one of the first members to play the game, later becoming one of the top guys in FOUC.

Age: 27
Location: Colombia
Status: Active

Mamacumba is the only clan member who was originally recruited in Bionic Commando Multiplayer. Once, the clan decided to quit Bionic, he joined the FlatOut squad, becoming very active and a frequent participant in FOUC events.