Match Report 20.03.11

• MATCH DETAILS b64 vs Smack 
Date 20 March 2011
Game FlatOut Ultimate Carnage
Opponent SMACK
Result 3 - 2 (Win)
Mode(s) Soccer, Stone Skipping, High Jump, Ski Jump, Soccer
Location Venom Arena
b64 Team manowar, Luka, Combo, Juggernaut, Mamacumba, Dober518
Opponent Team Colossus, Ave, ACeLe, mtncr, Propz, Riner
Boulevard 64 won the All Stars Tournament! After amazing match, that was played very well by the both sides, b64 team managed to win 3-2. We had pretty much difficulties at the start, but won the first round 19-17. Second round was High Jump and we all expected an easy win, but Smack surprised us all and easily won 24-12. We didn't even make a single jump over 160. Third round was also High Jump, but with different players. This time our High-jumpers manowar, Luka and Dober were playing. We made a sweet revenge by winning 24-12, just like Smack did in the previous round. Forth round Baseball was crucial. Only 2 turns before the end, Smack team was leading, but Luka and Manowar made 2 amazing jumps and set the round score 24-12 to b64. It looks like an easy win, but it was one of the hardest won rounds in our history. The last round was more friendly than competitive. Smack won it 19-17 and set the final score 3-2 to b64.
This was the last official FlatOut tournament, where we proved that we didn't set so many top scores without a reason.
An article named "Round to the Top" is made because of this tournament on our website and can be viewed here:


[b64] 3 : 2 [SMACK]

Round 1 - b64 wins 19-17 (Baseball)
Round 2 - Smack wins 12-24 (High Jump)
Round 3 - b64 wins 24-12 (High Jump)
Round 4 - b64 wins 24-12 (Baseball)
Round 5 - Smack wins 17-19 (Ski Jump)

Individual scores can be viewed here:

Number of spectators: 50/50

Congrats to the all players and teams that took part in this tournament.