Match Report 02.12.06

 • MATCH DETAILS b64 vs Bes  
Date 02.12.06
Game San Andreas Multiplayer
Opponent  [BES]
Result 55 - 29 (Win)
Mode Red/Blue Clanwar
Server [b64] Clan Server
b64 Team Lu, Enginer, Milos, Stallion, Hustler, vlaxxx, Absynthe
Opponent Team Cytro**, snipA, Bryan, 2hot2handle, homeboy, Hazard, Jok3r
All the recent trash talk got cut today. It was a good fight overall, as they obviously improved their skill from G2 days and run us close each round. Still, it wasn't enough to beat us and I advise [BES] to fight some other clans like EB or BK before deciding to ask us for another rematch. The final score was 55-29 for b64 (winning each round), the roster was EnGiNeR, Lu, Hustler, Ab$Ynth3, Milos, vlaxXx and StallioN. Our 3rd win out of 3 clanwars and the first time we setup a clanwar on our newly opened [b64] Clan Server, with updated gm featuring detailed individual states.

[b64] 55 - 29 [BES]

[b64]EnGiNeR: Kills =15, Deaths = 1
[b64]Hustler: Kills =6, Deaths = 3

[b64]StallioN: Kills =6, Deaths = 5
[b64]vlaxXx: Kills =3, Deaths = 6
[b64]Milos: Kills =4, Deaths = 6
[b64]Lu: Kills =12, Deaths = 3
[b64]Ab$Ynth3: Kills =9, Deaths = 4

[Bes]snipA: Kills =6, Deaths = 9
2hot2handle: Kills =5, Deaths = 9
BES]Jok3r: Kills =1, Deaths = 10
Bes]Cytro**: Kills =10, Deaths = 10
BES]homeboy: Kills =3, Deaths = 9
BES]Hazard: Kills =4, Deaths = 10
BES]Bryan: Kills =0, Deaths = 8

Player of the match: [b64]Enginer (15-1).

Our negotiations for a match against [BK] broke down once again (I'm tired of BK wussying out) so we will just go for the big match vs [XII] next, hopefully before New Year's eve.