Match Report 10.08.06

 • MATCH DETAILS b64 vs g2  
Date 10.08.06
Game San Andreas Multiplayer
Opponent  <G2>
Result 44 - 17 (Win)
Mode Red/Blue Clanwar
Server Red vs Blue Server
b64 Team Lu, Enginer, Milos, Toxic, vlaxxx
Opponent Team CuMY, $corpio, snipA, Cytro**, homeboy
We have finally had a clanwar vs <G2> and it was time we put to rest who was owning who. First of all I want to say congrats to our team for the victory, our lineap was LU, EnGiNeR, toxiC, Milos[14] and vlaxXx.

The war was fought in 5 different locations across Los Santos. First one in Ganton was the toughest one as it came down to a narrow strip behind the Ganton gym where <G2> got Milos[14] trapped, so the rest of of team rushed there to help, losing us EnGiNeR and vlaxXx. However LU saved the day by killing <G2> off one by one as they were trying to get out in the open. After the spawns were reversed, each round ended with most of <G2> getting quickly killed and Cytro** running away trying to survive. The final score was 44-17 to b64, winning each round.

It was our first clan match and I'm happy the way it went. There might need to be some corrections in tactics because SA-MP League is only 2 rounds with attacking/defending and anything can happen, but overall we've won 10 here and performance was on point. Once again congrats everybody and more clan matches are to come.