Los Santos Turfwars

• TOURNAMENT REPORT Los Santos Turfwars  
Event name Los Santos Turfwars
Date 5th Feb 2008
Game San Andreas Multiplayer
Organizer GTA Violent Life
Participants [b64], [BK], [ABC], [RSAH], [BB], [KGX]
Mode LSCB Turfwars
Server GTA Violent Life - Los Santos Turfwars
[b64] wins another 6-clans competition, this time organized by GTA Violent Life server. It was based on a turfwars script however, created VL's own admins and featured turf system as opposed to the kills counter. Each team had their own territory and would automatically get eliminated from the match once they lose it. The participants were [b64], [BK], [ABC], _RSAH_, _BB_ and [KGX]. Our lineup was Milos, Enginer, Rollin^D, Time and Daniel.

We were team Mafia located at the Grey Imports area, a pretty good base to defend in case we were attacked but there was no need since we were the ones pushing action from the start. We started off well quickly taking over the Bad Boys team who were located at the Docks, then took out KGX who were Aztecas. Meanwhile RSAH (Vagos) defeated ABC (Grove Street) and we were quickly left with only 3 teams (exactly, BK were doing nothing in the meantime). At that point we had southern territories under control, RSAH had Vagos and Grove turfs and BK (Ballas) were located in the middle. We then tactically avoided BK and invaded RSAH turf in East LS forcing them to fight on 2 fronts at the same time. They quickly came back to defend but had BK following them as well so it became free for all scrimmage that saw RSAH eliminated with [b64] capitalizing and taking over all turfs but the Ballas one, for which we had the final confrontation with BK. They attempted to ex RSAH base (East LS) which we had left undefended but we were pushing into Idlewood already so it was a matter of time before the BK base fell. In the end [b64] were victorious with all of Los Santos under control.

There were a lot of players timeouting but here are the stats:

1. [b64]
2. [BK] - Eliminated by b64
3. [RSAH
] - Eliminated by b64
4. [KGX] - Eliminated by b64
5. [ABC] - Eliminated by RSAH
6. [BB] - Eliminated by b64


[b64] Team
: Kills = 109, Deaths = 39

[BK] Team: Kills = 47, Deaths = 69

[RSAH] Team: Kills = 64, Deaths = 48

[KGX] Team: Kills = 19, Deaths = 28

[ABC] Team: Kills = 11, Deaths = 55

[BB] Team: Kills = 4, Deaths = 26